Kyoto Animation Releases First Film After Attack

Kyoto Animation releases first film after attack

The Japanese animation production company Kyoto Animation has released its first new film since a deadly arson attack at one of its studios in July that killed 35 of its employees.

The film was released nationwide on Friday. At a movie theater in Kyoto City, many fans came to see it.

Koreeda Discusses Latest Film At Venice Festival

Koreeda discusses latest film at Venice festival

Japanese film director Hirokazu Koreeda talked about his latest film, "The Truth," which kicked off the 76th Venice Film Festival on Wednesday. His previous film, "Shoplifters," won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival last year.

"The Truth," starring French actress Catherine Deneuve, was shot entirely in France. Deneuve plays a legendary film star, called Fabienne, who publishes a memoir that leads to revelations about her family.

Kyoto Animation To Release New Film

Kyoto Animation to release new film

Not even a devastating arson attack has prevented Kyoto Animation from delivering entertainment to its fans. Studio officials say they will release a new film in September. It will be their first movie since the deliberately set fire on July 18 sent shock waves around the world.

The film is titled "Violet Evergarden Side-Story: Eternity and the Auto Memories Doll". The story revolves around a young woman who is an ex-soldier. She learns about love and acquires emotions by writing letters for others.

1964 Tokyo Paralympics Film Shown

1964 Tokyo Paralympics film shown

As Olympic fever swells in Tokyo, people are getting a chance to see a long-lost documentary about the first time the capital hosted the Paralympic Games.

"Tokyo Paralympic Ai To Eiko No Saiten," or "Tokyo Paralympics: Festival of Love and Glory," documents the lives of foreign Paralympic athletes in 1964 and how they give hope to the Japanese athletes as they get to know each other.

Sony Playstation 'gran Turismo' Makes A Mini Film Celebrating The Nurburgring

Sony Playstation 'Gran Turismo' makes a mini film celebrating the Nurburgring

The Nürburgring and Le Mans are both race tracks, but each represents a different side of the automotive coin. When an automaker wants to prove it can build an all-out race car, it enters one of the categories at Le Mans. When an automaker wants to prove it can build an all-around road car, it goes to the Nürburgring. Yet the 'Ring as a global phenomenon and lap-time graveyard is recent; the Nordschleife didn't appear in Playstation's 'Gran Turismo' until GT4 in 2004. Today, it's unimaginable that a high-profile racing game wouldn't include the 'Ring from the off.

It's been a wild 15 years for both the video game and the track, so the folks at Sony put together a 19-minute video on how the 'Ring and the game have changed.

Fujifilm Decides To Sell Monochrome Film Again Because Of Millennials

Fujifilm Decides To Sell Monochrome Film Again Because Of Millennials

There’s a lot that you may want to blame millennials for and now you can add the return of monochrome film to that list. Fujifilm today announced that it’s going to bring back its black-and-white film due to demand from “millennials and GenZs.” The company had actually stopped production of its monochrome film over a year ago.

Fujifilm says that its new Neopan 100 Acros II film is being developed based on feedback from the aforementioned demographic and that they’re the new “film enthusiasts,” so it’s catering to them by relaunching a monochrome film.

Animated Short Film To Be Made For Tokyo Olympics

Animated short film to be made for Tokyo Olympics

A Japanese animation company and the International Olympic Committee say they are collaborating to create an animated short film to share the Olympic spirit with young people ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Studio Ponoc and the Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage made the announcement on Monday at an international animation festival in the southeastern French town of Annecy.

Hosoda's Anime Film "mirai" Wins Annie Award

Hosoda's anime film

Japanese director Mamoru Hosoda's film, "Mirai," won the Annie Award for Best Animated Independent Feature in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The award is often called the Oscar of animated films.
The category is for films shown at fewer than 1,000 theaters in the United States.

Yoshiki Appointed Music Director For Hollywood Film 'xxx 4'

YOSHIKI appointed music director for Hollywood film 'xXx 4'

YOSHIKI has been appointed as the music director for the Hollywood film 'xXx 4.'

This is the latest installment in the 'XXX' series directed by D.J. Caruso and starring Vin Diesel. It has been gaining a lot of attention as the movie and TV series will be produced simultaneously, a first in Hollywood history. 

Students Put On Korea-themed Film Fest

Students put on Korea-themed film fest

Hundreds of thousands of Korean families have lived in Japan for generations, but some Japanese say they know little about their history.
To help shed some light, a group of university students in Tokyo held a film festival, putting Korea at center stage.

18 films were shown at the weeklong festival organized by students at Nihon University College of Art.
One depicts a North Korean resettlement program that led about 100,000 Koreans to leave Japan for the North.
The decades-old program referred to Pyongyang as "paradise on earth."

Miura Daichi To Sing The Theme Song For New 'dragon Ball' Film

Miura Daichi to sing the theme song for new 'Dragon Ball' film

Miura Daichi's new song "Blizzard" has been picked up as the theme song for the new 'Dragon Ball' film set for release on December 14. 

Miura used the movie's script as reference to write "Blizzard." He commented, "I think it turned out to be a song that will make you say 'it was good' when you leave the theater after watching the movie. I hope you enjoy it." It will be released as Miura's new single on December 19.