Alfonsino Fish Confit With Veggie Bouquet A Dream Come True

Alfonsino fish confit with veggie bouquet a dream come true

The fish cooked slowly in low-temperature oil is served on the plate like a spring bouquet with vegetables that vary in aroma and texture.

"Confit of splendid alfonsino with seasonal vegetables" is a dish that mirrors the spirit of Tadashi Michino, whose career spans 40 years. The 64-year-old is the chef of Michino Le Tourbillon, a French restaurant in Osaka.

White Fish With Cream, Vermouth Has Plenty Of Heart And Soul

White fish with cream, vermouth has plenty of heart and soul

With golden hair tied together, round glasses and a black chef's coat, Tadashi Michino works with brisk efficiency at his restaurant.

The 64-year-old chef, with 40 years of experience, runs Michino Le Tourbillon, a French restaurant located in the Fukushima district west of Osaka Station where redevelopment is under way.

Foreign Tourists Unaware Of Fish Market Move

Foreign tourists unaware of fish market move

Foreign tourists hoping to visit Tokyo's famous wholesale fish market in Tsukiji have been surprised to find out that it moved.

The market closed last Saturday and reopened on Thursday in Toyosu, about 2 kilometers away. A tourist information desk outside the Tsukiji location is offering English fliers about the new market.

Preparations For New Fish Market Rolling

Preparations for new fish market rolling

Tokyo food wholesalers spent Sunday morning packing up and moving their operations from the world-famous Tsukiji market to a new location.

The wholesale market closed Saturday after 83 years in business.

Move To New Tokyo Fish Market Begins

Move to new Tokyo fish market begins

Many fishmongers and wholesalers have been working since early Sunday morning. They are moving from the Tsukiji food market to a new site. The wholesale market in downtown Tokyo closed on Saturday after 83 years in business.

The new market, located in the Toyosu Waterfront area, will open on Thursday.

Grilled White Fish With Vegetables Can Tickle Young Taste Buds

Grilled white fish with vegetables can tickle young taste buds

Once a picky eater, nutritionist Susumu Matsumaru racks his brains to make lunches that children will love at an elementary school in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward.

As a child, Matsumaru, now 34, was encouraged by a nutritionist at his elementary school to "try at least a bite" of meals he was reluctant to eat. Young Matsumaru would take small bites.

Comic-strip Recipe Of Seaweed And Steamed Fish

Comic-strip recipe of seaweed and steamed fish

Manga artist Roswell Hosoki made his debut in 1983 with a work themed on mah-jongg.

"No matter how much I wrote, it didn't take off. As I added scenes of eating and drinking during the game, I started getting work related to eating and drinking," says the 60-year-old cartoonist. Hosoki himself likes eating and drinking more than he does mah-jongg.

Lisa's In And Around Tokyo: Odawara--you Too Can Make 'kamaboko' Fish Paste

Lisa's In and Around Tokyo: Odawara--You too can make 'kamaboko' fish paste

Once upon a time in the Heian Period (794-1185), ground fish were molded onto bamboo sticks and cooked. They looked like the top of a cattail plant ("gama-no-ho"), and this morphed into what is today called "kamaboko" or steamed fish paste. Who knows if it's true, but the etymological theory sounds pretty cool, doesn't it?

Suzuhiro Kamaboko Village, conveniently located between Odawara and Hakone, is a delightful place for your eyes and taste buds. The village consists of a museum, beer and gift shops and restaurants.

Ishihara Again Says He's Not In Charge Of Decision Of New Fish Showcase Site

Ishihara again says he's not in charge of decision of new fish advertise siteFormer Tokyo Gov. Shintaro Ishihara repeated Monday his claim that he was not in charge of the decision of a polluted previous gas generation site to move the popular Tsukiji angle market.
"This has been chosen in a stream coordinated by the whole metropolitan government. It was difficult to conflict with it," Ishihara told a board of trustees of the Tokyo metropolitan get together investigating the dubious movement arrange, rehashing his past assertion.

Coriander Adds A Final Flourish To Hong Kong White Fish Dish

Coriander adds a final flourish to Hong Kong white fish dishNovelist Kazuo Dan was an intrepid traveler, and when he was home he liked nothing better than to recreate dishes he had sampled on his visits around Japan and overseas.
Dan, who lived in Tokyo's Shakujii district, is said to have become so focused on his cooking that he gave scant attention to his deadlines for manuscripts on occasion.

Aqua By Lexus Fish Restaurant Opens In Italy

AQUA by Lexus Fish Restaurant Opens in ItalyThis is a wild one — Lexus has opened a fish restaurant in the heart of Rome, Italy. AQUA by Lexus opened in November, and here’s a video tour.
While it’s open to the public and has enjoyed strong reviews on sites like Trip Advisor , the main clientele are Lexus owners — a dinner for two is a perk of purchasing of a new vehicle, and all Lexus owners are guaranteed a reservation with complementary champagne and dessert.