Alfonsino Fish Confit With Veggie Bouquet A Dream Come True

Alfonsino fish confit with veggie bouquet a dream come true

The fish cooked slowly in low-temperature oil is served on the plate like a spring bouquet with vegetables that vary in aroma and texture.

"Confit of splendid alfonsino with seasonal vegetables" is a dish that mirrors the spirit of Tadashi Michino, whose career spans 40 years. The 64-year-old is the chef of Michino Le Tourbillon, a French restaurant in Osaka.

White Fish With Cream, Vermouth Has Plenty Of Heart And Soul

White fish with cream, vermouth has plenty of heart and soul

With golden hair tied together, round glasses and a black chef's coat, Tadashi Michino works with brisk efficiency at his restaurant.

The 64-year-old chef, with 40 years of experience, runs Michino Le Tourbillon, a French restaurant located in the Fukushima district west of Osaka Station where redevelopment is under way.

Foreign Tourists Unaware Of Fish Market Move

Foreign tourists unaware of fish market move

Foreign tourists hoping to visit Tokyo's famous wholesale fish market in Tsukiji have been surprised to find out that it moved.

The market closed last Saturday and reopened on Thursday in Toyosu, about 2 kilometers away. A tourist information desk outside the Tsukiji location is offering English fliers about the new market.

Preparations For New Fish Market Rolling

Preparations for new fish market rolling

Tokyo food wholesalers spent Sunday morning packing up and moving their operations from the world-famous Tsukiji market to a new location.

The wholesale market closed Saturday after 83 years in business.

Move To New Tokyo Fish Market Begins

Move to new Tokyo fish market begins

Many fishmongers and wholesalers have been working since early Sunday morning. They are moving from the Tsukiji food market to a new site. The wholesale market in downtown Tokyo closed on Saturday after 83 years in business.

The new market, located in the Toyosu Waterfront area, will open on Thursday.