Snack Shop's Expressive Daruma Biscuits Combine Flavor, Fun

Snack shop's expressive daruma biscuits combine flavor, funSome appear to be angry, while others look deadpan or scheming--but they all taste good, tantalizing the taste buds with a subtle sweetness.
The Fuku-daruma (lucky daruma-shaped) biscuit has become so popular lately that stock is running out. But the snack is strongly recommended for those who can get their hands on it when in the ancient capital.

Blend Of Egg, Miso Completes Flavor Of Carbonara

Blend of egg, miso completes flavor of carbonaraIf you feel like staying at home and eating in on a cold winter night, spaghetti carbonara is the perfect comfort food.
Carbonara, meaning “charcoal workers style” in Italian, is a pasta dish in which black pepper is used to resemble charcoal powder.

Simmered Soybeans And Pork Is Rich In Flavor, Fiber

Simmered soybeans and pork is rich in flavor, fiberBeans are a gold mine of minerals and dietary fiber. Reconstituting dry beans may seem to be too much of a fuss but cooking them is quite simple.
Cooking expert Eiko Oba, who has published cookbooks, including one on bean dishes, says soybeans with hard skins should be soaked in water overnight.

Mushrooms Galore Define The Flavor Of Fall Soup

Mushrooms galore define the flavor of fall soupStore shelves are filled with mushrooms that come in all shapes and colors.
Kuniaki Arima, a chef of Italian cuisine, introduces a rich soup with the fall harvest of mushrooms and a stock extracted from garlic, dried tomato and uncured ham. Bacon may replace the uncured ham. The dried tomato may be replaced by dried shiitake mushrooms, dried kelp or pickled plum.

Simmered Squid And Potato Offer Flavor Of The Sea

Simmered squid and potato offer flavor of the seaThe season for summer squid has arrived. Yoko Munakata of the Better Home Association introduces a dish that gives potatoes the flavor of the sea, enhanced by butter and soy sauce. The cooked squid is kept soft by removing it from the pot after heating briefly so the rings become round. If you can clean a squid by yourself, you get to enjoy it whole. Make sure to choose a fresh one. Munakata shows another dish to go with sake. Serves two.

Sake Enhances The Flavor Of Cooked Oysters

Sake enhances the flavor of cooked oystersCooking oysters in sake is a simple way to enjoy their flavor. "They may be enjoyed as they are, mixed in with scrambled eggs or served with noodles," says Japanese cuisine expert Tatsuo Saito. He says ensuring the oysters are thoroughly washed and cooked is key.