'mingei'-style Miso-flavored Curry With Wagyu Beef

'Mingei'-style miso-flavored curry with wagyu beef

Although he was a fast runner, Ichiro Abe failed in his quest to make the Olympic track and field team, and he later ran into business-related debt problems.

But now, for 20 years, he has run Takumi Kappo, a regional-cuisine restaurant that was opened as part of the "mingei" (folk craft) movement in Tottori.

Miso Flavored With 'kinome' Brings Perfection To Spring Veggies

Miso flavored with 'kinome' brings perfection to spring veggies

The vivid green asparagus, subtle yellow bamboo shoot and "urui" (young leaves of hosta), and white "udo" (spikenard) are pleasing to the eye.

Naoyuki Yanagihara pours some yellow-green miso flavored with "kinome" (young leaves of "sansho" or Japanese pepper) and creates a dish with a "sunny" feel.

Strikingly Red, Tomato-flavored Macaroni Gratin Absorbs 'umami'

Strikingly red, tomato-flavored macaroni gratin absorbs 'umami'

The word "gratin" may conjure images of a white-sauce-based dish. But at Shiseido Parlour's main restaurant in Tokyo's Ginza district, the red color of the tomato-flavored gratin stands out.

"Some guests are surprised to see a dish that is quite different from what they had imagined," says Naohisa Inoue, the 50-year-old grand chef of the restaurant.

Honda Unveils 2 New Motorcycles, Including Retro-flavored Cb1000r

Honda unveils 2 new motorcycles, including retro-flavored CB1000R

Honda will add two new motorcycles to its roster next year after unveiling production versions of concept bikes at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. The company also announced new performance updates to its NC750X midsize adventure-touring machine.

The new bikes are the CRF1000L2 Africa Twin Adventure Sports and the CB1000R. Both are production versions of concepts that will be available in the U.S. next summer as 2018 models, following European releases earlier in the year.

Honda's Neo Sports Cafe Concept Previews A Retro-flavored Motorcycle

Honda's Neo Sports Cafe concept previews a retro-flavored motorcycle

Honda took the wraps off its retro-influenced Neo Sports Cafe, its newest concept motorcycle with clear links to both its CB1000R and an earlier concept sportbike it debuted two years ago. Honda said little about this concept, other than to describe it as a "naked sport model that combines the fun and beauty of a sport bike with a new-generation motorcycle package." The production version will make its official debut next month at the EICMA show in Milan. Much of the chatter around this concept suggests that it foreshadows an update of the CB1000R, a naked sportbike with a 998cc, inline-four engine that Honda unveiled in 2010. It also bears a strong resemblance to the CB4 concept it unveiled at the EICMA show in Milan in 2015. The Neo Sports Cafe gets a metallic red finish, a round LED headlamp and a water-cooled, fuel-injected inline four-cylinder engine. Honda released two teaser videos, which you can watch below.

Namco Will Sell Potato Chip Flavored Soda In Japan

Namco will sell potato chip flavored soda in JapanNamco game centers across Japan will be celebrating a unique addition to their collection. It comes with a hint at great taste for unhealthy foods that gamers brag about as well as the habit of turning into unforgivable couch potatoes. The laze and the appetite has inspired a concoction that will be a mix of potato chips and cola. It’s not unfamiliar to some folk back there to experience chips that taste like cola.

A Knack To Making Dashi-flavored 'tamagoyaki'

A knack to making dashi-flavored 'tamagoyaki'Although maize-colored, dashi-based "tamagoyaki" (rolled omelette) is a star in Kansai cuisine, it isn't exactly easy to roll.
“It could be difficult if a lot of dashi stock is used. But there is a knack to it. Leave it to me,” says Junichi Doi with a smile.
The 41-year-old Doi is the fourth-generation proprietor of Konbu Doi (Chuo Ward, Osaka City), a store selling dried kelp on the Karahori Shopping Street near Osaka Castle.

Miso-flavored Stir-fry Of Kelp And Squid

Miso-flavored stir-fry of kelp and squidAlthough kelp cannot be harvested in the warm seas of Okinawa, it is heavily utilized there, but as a food item and not used to make stock.
During the Edo Period (1603-1867), kelp produced in Hokkaido was brought to the Ryukyu Kingdom via the Satsuma Domain, what is now Kagoshima Prefecture, and some was exported to China from Ryukyu. Kelp is said to be embraced by Ryukyu cuisine due to its good chemistry with pork.

Lamb Chops Served With Beans In A Lemon-flavored Butter

Lamb chops served with beans in a lemon-flavored butterPostwar Japan's diet has undergone many changes, but cooking expert Fusako Holthaus laments that not many people have opened their eyes to the joys of lamb.
“It is a choice ingredient with excellent flavor,” says Holthaus, 81, who first tried lamb at a barbecue in the United States in the 1960s.