Tottori Kiln Plate Brings Out The White In Red Flounder Dish

Tottori kiln plate brings out the white in red flounder dish

Ichiro Abe, the proprietor of Takumi Kappo, gains inspiration for his menus from the fresh fish and vegetables he sees at the market every morning and even from the dishes he hopes to use.

They include a black bowl produced at the Engoji Kiln in Tottori Prefecture that is simple yet profound, as well as a Yamane Kiln round plate that is a soft opaque white.

Flounder Simmered With Grated Daikon Makes For Healthy Repast

Flounder simmered with grated daikon makes for healthy repastAs part of her long career as a registered dietician, Nobuko Munakata has pondered what constitutes a healthy diet.
While working at hospitals, Munakata met many patients whom she felt would not have become so ill had they been more careful about what they ate.

Hirame No Mushiyaki (steamed Flounder) Recipe

Hirame no Mushiyaki (steamed flounder) RecipeIngredients

parchment paper
1 pack enoki mushrooms
1 small leek julienned
4 small flounder fillets
4 Tbs mirin
4 Tbs sake
8 tsp dashi soy sauce
Meyer lemon zest
thinly sliced green onion
shichimi togarashi (Japanese 7 spice chili)

Simmered Flounder With Wakame

Simmered flounder with wakame"Nitsuke is eaten by dipping the fish in the sauce. The cooking liquid should not seep into the fish," says cooking expert Tatsuo Saito.

He uses "komochi-karei," or flounder with roe, but separates the roe from the fish. That prevents the fish from becoming overcooked while waiting for the roe to be done.