Roman Coins Found In Okinawa Castle Ruins

Roman coins found in Okinawa castle ruinsOfficials in Japan's southwestern prefecture of Okinawa say copper coins found in the ruins of a local castle are thought to date back to the Roman and Ottoman empires. They say the find demonstrates the wide extent of trade engaged in by Okinawa in the past.

Snake Found On Shinkansen Bullet Train

Snake found on Shinkansen bullet trainA bullet train in central Japan had to make an emergency stop after a passenger found a snake in one of the cars.
The Tokaido Shinkansen from Tokyo to Hiroshima made the unscheduled stop at Hamamatsu station in Shizuoka Prefecture on Monday.

Hitachiomiya: 'peace' Of Paper Found In A Traditional Way

Hitachiomiya: 'Peace' of paper found in a traditional wayFor many, “washi” is an unfamiliar word. It was new to me until I visited Hitachiomiya, a town in northern Ibaraki Prefecture. Hitachiomiya might not be well known but it definitely has its charms. It is a farming town with old homes, rice fields, and open blue skies, but if you look carefully there is so much more to see.

Happy Part Of Human Brain Found By Kyoto Scientists

Happy part of human brain found by Kyoto scientistsTap the right side of your head and you are getting close to the source of human happiness.
A region in the right side of the brain is bigger in people who regard themselves as happy compared with those who have a more gloomy outlook, a study by Japanese scientists has revealed.

Recently Found Ceramic Work Likely Created By Late Sculptor Taro Okamoto

Recently found ceramic work likely created by late sculptor Taro OkamotoA ceramic piece believed to have been created by contemporary artist Taro Okamato who is well-known for his "Tower of the Sun" masterpiece has been found in the Shigaraki district of Koka.
A ceramic museum in Shiga Prefecture is now displaying the work that was likely done by Okamoto (1911-96) during a period when he worked at a company involved in traditional Shigaraki ware.

2016 Toyota Mirai Found Remarkably Normal To Drive By Cr

2014 LA Auto Show : Toyota MiraiToyota hopes that the 2016 Mirai will be for fuel cell cars what the Prius was for hybrid vehicles: a trailblazer and a big commercial success.
But the world’s first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle has a very long way to go until it can be compared with the Prius. For now, the hydrogen refueling infrastructure is massively underdeveloped: Consumer Reports’ Gabe Shenhar says there are only 13 refueling stations across the United States.