Plastics Found In Stomach Of Dead Blue Whale

Plastics found in stomach of dead blue whale

Experts have found plastic in the stomach of a dead blue whale washed ashore in eastern Japan earlier this month. They say it is an example of how marine plastic contamination is spreading.

National Museum of Nature and Science experts and other scientists discovered a folded piece of plastic inside the male cub, which was found on a beach in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Defense Ministry: 8 People Found Near Wreckage

Defense Ministry: 8 people found near wreckage

Japan's Defense Ministry says Air Self-Defense Force personnel have found 8 people near the parts of what may be the missing helicopter.

The condition of the 8 people remains unknown.

Multidrug-resistant Bacterium Found In Kagoshima

Multidrug-resistant bacterium found in Kagoshima

Officials in Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan, say 8 inpatients have died at Kagoshima University Hospital from a suspected in-hospital infection.

The officials say a bacterium resistant to most antibiotics has been detected from multiple patients at the hospital in Kagoshima city.

Submarines Including U-boat Found In Sea Of Japan

Submarines including U-boat found in Sea of Japan

A Japanese research team has discovered 3 World War Two-era submarines, including a German-made U-boat, in a bay opening towards the Sea of Japan.

Last month, a team led by the Kyushu Institute of Technology surveyed the seabed of Wakasa Bay, some 20 kilometers off Maizuru City, Kyoto Prefecture, using an underwater drone.

Possible Bullet Found Outside Us Base In Okinawa

Possible bullet found outside US base in Okinawa

Local officials in Okinawa are voicing concern after an apparent bullet damaged a shed near a US base in that prefecture.

On Thursday, police received a report from the owner of a farm shed in Nago City that the glass in its windows had been broken and what looked like a bullet was found inside.

Sagawa Found To Have Lied Repeatedly In Diet

Sagawa found to have lied repeatedly in Diet

It has been revealed that a former senior official of Japan's Finance Ministry made false replies in the Diet dozens of times regarding a scandal involving the sale of state-owned land.

The secretary general of the Upper House revealed this in a committee meeting on Monday.

Stolen Honda Hr-v Found With Lyft Stickers On, Ride-sharing Company Is Oblivious

Stolen Honda HR-V Found With Lyft Stickers On, Ride-Sharing Company Is Oblivious

A couple living in San Francisco didn’t get to enjoy their new Honda HR-V for long, as it was stolen at the end of August, while it was parked in front of their apartment in Livermore.

Fast-forward to December, and Cierra and Josh Barton, the HR-V's owners, were contacted by the police, informing them that their crossover had been found in Hayward, after being abandoned on the side of the road for about two weeks, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on Wednesday.

Engine Parts Of Wwii Karyu Jet Fighter Found In Tokyo University

Engine parts of WWII Karyu jet fighter found in Tokyo university

Engine parts for a secret Imperial Japanese Army jet aircraft under development in the closing days of World War II have been found at a Tokyo university by a student and a high school teacher.

The parts were discovered collecting dust on the campus of International Christian University (ICU) in Mitaka, western Tokyo, by Hideaki Furukawa in June 2015, who is now a 21-year-old fourth-year liberal art student of the university.

Fallen Soldier's 1999 Toyota Celica Found, Brought To Son's 15th Birthday

Fallen soldier's 1999 Toyota Celica found, brought to son's 15th birthday

Justin Rozier grew up never knowing his father, an Army first lieutenant who was killed in action in Iraq when Justin was just nine months old. So you can imagine his surprise last month when, on his 15th birthday, he received as a gift the same 1999 Toyota Celica convertible his dad once drove but had been offloaded all those years ago. How his mother found the car is a tale of luck, the power of social media and the goodwill of strangers eager to help out the family of a fallen veteran. Jonathan David Rozier was killed by an unexploded rocket-propelled grenade in Baghdad on July 19, 2003, leaving behind his newborn son and his wife, Jessica Johns.

Vintage Atari 2700 Found In A Thrift Store Sells For $3,000 On Ebay

Vintage Atari 2700 Found In A Thrift Store Sells For $3,000 On eBay

For those who snub their noses at thrift stores because they think that there's nothing good, you might want to rethink that because in a post on Reddit, Redditor L064N revealed that he discovered an Atari 2700 console while shopping at a thrift store. He did not immediately recognize it but a quick Google search told him what he was looking at.

According to his post, "I was at the DAV Thrift Store in Oceanside today like 10 minutes before they closed and I saw this sitting on the shelf and it seemed odd to me as i’d never seen an Atari like it. Some quick googling led me to believe it was some cool rare prototype so I bought it."

4 Found Dead In Iwate Ice Fishing Accident

4 found dead in Iwate ice fishing accidentThe bodies of four men who went missing after going ice fishing in the northeastern prefecture of Iwate were found Tuesday in a pond, local police said.
The four, all confirmed dead, have been identified as residents of Oshu, Iwate, the police said. Police found a crack in the ice covering the pond and ice fishing equipment nearby, including a tool to drill holes in the ice. Three vehicles were also parked near the site.

Horse Racing: Japan's Makahiki Finishes 14th As Found Wins Arc

Horse racing: Japan's Makahiki finishes 14th as Found wins ArcJapanese Derby winner Makahiki fizzled to 14th in a field of 16 as Japan again missed out on the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe title on Sunday.
On firm going at Chantilly Racecourse, the Yasuo Tomomichi-trained Makahiki left from the No. 14 post as the second betting favorite and was forced to travel wide.

Roman Coins Found In Okinawa Castle Ruins

Roman coins found in Okinawa castle ruinsOfficials in Japan's southwestern prefecture of Okinawa say copper coins found in the ruins of a local castle are thought to date back to the Roman and Ottoman empires. They say the find demonstrates the wide extent of trade engaged in by Okinawa in the past.