A Wrecked 2020 Toyota Supra Has Hit The Auction Lot With Smashed Front End

A Wrecked 2020 Toyota Supra Has Hit The Auction Lot With Smashed Front End

Getting a brand new 2020 Toyota Supra “on the cheap” is more or less impossible, especially if you go through a dealer. However, this Turbulence Grey example probably won’t put a major dent in your wallet, though…it does have a few dents of its own. And none of the ones you see here are going to buff out any time soon.

Honda's Innovative Airbag Promises Increased Front Passenger Safety

Honda's Innovative Airbag Promises Increased Front Passenger Safety

Honda has announced that it is working on a new passenger airbag technology designed to better protect occupants in the event of a frontal collision, which is particularly beneficial in the event of an angled crash between vehicles, or a vehicle and another object. Development and testing was led by Honda R&D Americas engineers in Ohio, in partnership with Autoliv.

Honda To Roll Out New Front Passenger Airbag In 2020

Honda to roll out new front passenger airbag in 2020

RAYMOND, Ohio—Honda has developed a new passenger front airbag technology that it says better protects occupants by minimizing neck and brain injuries in frontal collisions that occur at different angles. They'll start appearing in new vehicles in the U.S. in 2020.

The new design rethinks the conventional single inflatable compartment airbag design in favor of a unique three-chamber design — a center chamber and two outward-projecting side chambers, connected by a mesh "sail panel" — that engineers liken to a catcher's mitt. It also inverts the V-shape of a conventional airbag and brings the restraining surface closer to the occupant when deployed.

It's designed to cushion and limit the rotational velocity of the passenger's head in a collision. Analysis of brain injury criterion, or BrIC, suggests the new airbag offers 75% reduction in the rotational velocity of the head in a crash. It works with the added slack in modern seatbelts to distribute the force of impact between the seatbelt and airbag and limit injury to the occupant's chest.

Development was based on research into the effects of airbag-protected collisions on brain tissue as measured by MRI scans. Honda developed the new technology, which is co-patented with the auto supplier Autoliv, and validated it at its sprawling R&D facility in central Ohio, which features a full crash-test dummy lab, a pitching sled to study and validate crashworthiness and passive safety systems, and a crash barrier lab to conduct crash tests on full production vehicles.

"We are adding this feature because it's safer and we know it's beneficial to our customers," said Eric Heitkamp, crashworthiness technical leader for Honda R&D Americas.

Honda wouldn't say which model or models would get the new airbag first, or exactly when. The new airbag will be made available to other automakers through Autoliv, Honda officials said. Honda says it was the first automaker to introduce an upward-deploying front passenger airbag in 1990 in the Acura Legend.

Ghosn At Home, Maintains Silence In Front Of Media

Ghosn at home, maintains silence in front of media

Former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn, who was released on bail on Wednesday, was seen near his residence in Tokyo on Friday, in line with the conditions of his bail.

The 64-year-old has been indicted for aggravated breach of trust and underreporting his compensation. He walked out of a Tokyo detention center after spending over 100 days in custody and posting about nine million dollars as bail.

Cafe Will Be Built In Front Of State Guest House

Cafe will be built in front of state guest house

The Japanese government plans to build a facility in a prime location where tourists can enjoy a magnificent view of the State Guest House in central Tokyo.

The building will be in a park in front of the guest house, which was built in 1909 and designated a national treasure. It is mainly used as accommodation for dignitaries visiting from other countries.

Honda Files Patent Application For A New Kind Of Front Air Dam

Honda Files Patent Application for a new Kind of Front Air Dam

A Honda patent application for a new, unique kind of air dam that could be used on a variety of vehicles.

According to the filing, the design is for a strong air dam with hollow structural crossbeam members. The design allows for an intake to be more rigid, improving the structural strength of a front bumper. The hollow crossbeams feature zig-zag patterned supports inside, which allow for the intake grille to be both strong and lightweight. The filing also says some intake designs can cause a whistling sound at speed, and this intake could potentially address that problem as well.

Mitsubishi Electric's In-vehicle Driver Monitoring System Simultaneously Monitor Driver And Front Passenger

Mitsubishi Electric's in-vehicle Driver Monitoring System Simultaneously Monitor Driver and Front Passenger with one wide-angle camera - Fareastgizmos
Mitsubishi Electric today announced the development of the first in-vehicle driver monitoring system using one wide-angle camera to detect the driver and front passenger simultaneously. Conventional driver-monitoring systems generally use a camera to analyze the driver’s face for inattentiveness or drowsiness. Recent imaging systems monitor not only the driver but also the front passenger for added safety and convenience.Mitsubishi Electric has now developed a technology that uses just one wide-angle camera to monitor both the driver and the front passenger and warn them about potentially dangerous driving behavior, such as looking off to the side or sleepiness, and to identify face and hand gestures for enhanced assistance, such as changing air conditioning settings.

The wide-angle camera can be installed flexibly within the vehicle and eliminates the need to install a second camera for the front passenger. Mitsubishi Electric will exhibit its driver monitoring system during the 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017 at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition complex in Tokyo from October 27 to November 5.