Body May Be Mt. Fuji Climb Livestreamer's

Body may be Mt. Fuji climb livestreamer's

Japanese police believe a body found near the peak of Mount Fuji could be that of a man who was livestreaming his climb up the mountain.

Viewers who were watching the man climb the snow-covered peak on Monday notified the police when the man slipped and fell down a slope. Mount Fuji has been closed to climbers since September.

Mt. Fuji Climber Streaming Live Seen Falling

Mt. Fuji climber streaming live seen falling

Rescuers are searching for a man who's believed to have fallen while livestreaming his climb up Mount Fuji.

Police in Shizuoka and Yamanashi prefectures, which Mount Fuji straddles, received numerous reports from viewers that the man fell down the slope around 2:30 p.m. on Monday.

Rugby World Cup Trophy Brought To Mt. Fuji

Rugby World Cup trophy brought to Mt. Fuji

The Rugby World Cup trophy has been brought to the summit of Japan's highest peak, Mt. Fuji, ahead of the tournament that begins in the country next month.

The Webb Ellis Cup arrived in Japan in June and has been on a nationwide tour that includes the 12 cities where the World Cup matches will be played.

Mt. Fuji Trails Open In Shizuoka Pref. Side

Mt. Fuji trails open in Shizuoka Pref. side

Three major trails on Mount Fuji that start in Shizuoka Prefecture have opened to trekkers for the summer climbing season.

The opening of the Fujinomiya-guchi, Gotenba-guchi and Subashiri-guchi trails followed those of other routes in Yamanashi Prefecture this month. Mount Fuji straddles the two prefectures.

Visitors Enjoy 'diamond Fuji' Spectacle

Visitors enjoy 'Diamond Fuji' spectacle

Visitors to a village near Mount Fuji and its residents were rewarded with a dazzling spectacle on Monday.

The "Diamond Fuji" phenomenon occurs when the sun is behind Japan's highest peak and shines like a diamond.

Crimson Fuji Observed On New Year's Day

Crimson Fuji observed on New Year's Day

Mount Fuji was tinted crimson by the first sunrise of 2019. It was observed from a hot spring resort at the foot of the mountain.

Yamanakako Village resort in Yamanashi Prefecture, central Japan, is famous for a view of Mount Fuji from outdoor baths.

Mount Fuji With Veil Of Snow

Mount Fuji with veil of snow

As autumn deepens, Japan's iconic Mount Fuji has been cloaked in a veil of snow.

Officials of Fuji-Yoshida City, on the foot of the nation's highest peak, announced on Monday that the mountain has received its first powdering of snow "makeup" of the season.

Blackout Continues At Mt. Fuji Resort Town

Blackout continues at Mt. Fuji resort town

Some areas in Yamanashi Prefecture, west of Tokyo, are still without power due to the recent powerful typhoon.

Tokyo Electric Power Company says that as of 5 PM on Tuesday, 13,500 households in the prefecture had no electricity.

First Japan-british Drill Held Near Mt. Fuji

First Japan-British drill held near Mt. Fuji

The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force and the British army have held their first joint exercise near Mount Fuji in central Japan.

The drill began on Sunday and is scheduled to take place at the Kita-Fuji exercise camp in the area and other places for 13 days. It was agreed upon at a Japan-British summit in August last year.

Fire Festival Marks End Of Fuji Climbing Season

Fire festival marks end of Fuji climbing season

Festival-goers have marked the end of Mount Fuji's summer climbing season with a nighttime parade illuminated by giant torches.

The 2-day Yoshida Fire Festival started on Sunday at the Kitaguchi Hongu Fuji Sengen-jinja shrine at the foot of Mount Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture. The annual event was first held more than 400 years ago.

Runners Race Up Mount Fuji

Runners race up Mount Fuji

Thousands of people have run up Mount Fuji as part of an annual race to climb Japan's tallest mountain.

Nearly 4,000 competitors from around the world competed in the Fuji Mountain Race on Friday morning.

Keyakizaka46 To Hold Outdoors Live At Fuji-q Highland

Keyakizaka46 to hold outdoors live at Fuji-Q Highland

Keyakizaka46 will hold their outdoors live 'Keyaki Kyowakoku 2018' on July 20 and 21 at Fuji-Q Highland Conifer Forest. 

This was announced by members Sugai Yuka and Nagahama Neru on June 3 during their program on SHOWROOM. Ticket pre-reservations are currently available for members of the group's official fan club.