Fujitsu Develops Low Power Consumption Technology For 5g

Fujitsu Develops Low Power Consumption Technology for 5GFujitsu today announced that it has built a prototype wireless unit incorporating inter-subarray coding technology, which makes it possible to achieve high-speed transmissions, in excess of 10 Gbps, for 5G mobile wireless base stations and access points. Fujitsu achieved these high speeds whilst maintaining low power consumption levels on par with Wi-Fi. In verification tests, the prototype successfully transmitted signals simultaneously to multiple devices.

Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-04h 4g Lte-enabled Android 6.0 Tablet

Fujitsu arrows Tab F-04H 4G LTE-Enabled Android 6.0 Tablet Fujitsu has released a new 4G LTE-enabled Android 6.0 smartphone namely the arrows Tab F-04H. Coming in black and white color options, this waterproof and dustproof tablet has a 10.5-inch 2560 x 1600 OLED display, a Qualcomm MSM8992 (2×1.82GHz + 4×1.44GHz) processor, a 3GB RAM and a 32GB of internal storage.

Fujitsu Begins Field Trial For Ai-based Train Delay Prediction In Japan

Fujitsu Begins Field Trial for AI-Based Train Delay Prediction in JapanFujitsu today announced that it has collaborated with Jorudan to add a train delay time prediction function, using AI machine learning technology, to Jorudan’s Norikae Annai, a service that provides public transportation route-planning information. It is also carrying out a field trial of this service in support of public transportation users in their choice of routes across 138 train lines in the Kanto region, starting today until September.

Fujitsu Develops Task-oriented Dialogue Technology With Ai

Fujitsu Develops Task-Oriented Dialogue Technology with AIFujitsu announced the development of technology that can be easily set up and autonomously carry on a dialogue, based on AI technology. The new technology can structurally extract the relationships between word meanings of input text to deal with the multiple meanings, ambiguity and other problems particular to Japanese language expressions, enabling a highly accurate understanding of users’ speech and realizing smooth dialogue. The technology is intended primarily for customer service support.

Fujitsu Releases Sixteen New Enterprise Pc And Tablet Models In Eleven Product Series

Fujitsu Releases Sixteen New Enterprise PC and Tablet Models in Eleven Product SeriesFujitsu Limited and Fujitsu Client Computing Limited today announced the release of 16 new enterprise Windows models in eleven product series, including five desktop PC models in three series, four laptop models in two series, one tablet series, and three workstation models in three series. The new models will be steadily rolled out in Japan from the end of this month.

New Fujitsu Primergy Servers Bring Tailored Top-performance And Improved Energy Savings

New Fujitsu PRIMERGY Servers Bring Tailored Top-Performance and Improved Energy SavingsFujitsu today announces a full refresh of its PRIMERGY dual-socket server line up from tower servers to nodes for high performance computing clusters, delivering new levels of performance combined with greater energy savings than ever before. Despite IT challenges being the same across industries, Fujitsu recognises there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the question of datacentre infrastructure.

Fujitsu Opens New Facility At Its Tatebayashi Data Center

Fujitsu Opens New Facility at Its Tatebayashi Data CenterFujitsu today announced that it has opened Annex C, a new facility at its Tatebayashi Data Center, and has today commenced operations there. The newly opened annex, featuring optimized air conditioning systems and operating environment, meets Japan's highest environmental performance standards.

Fujitsu "finplex" To Systematize Financial Solutions

Fujitsu "Finplex" to Systematize Financial SolutionsFujitsu today announced the introduction of its new systematic approach to the financial solutions it offers through the FUJITSU Digital Business Platform MetaArc. The approach, known as "Finplex,"(1) will commence rolling out from today in the aim of future co-creation with its financial institution customers. As one element of Finplex, Fujitsu will offer the APIs(2) for finance-related services.

Fujitsu Develops Automatic Test-generation Technologies

Fujitsu Develops Automatic Test-Generation TechnologiesFujitsu Laboratories of America, Inc. and Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. (collectively "Fujitsu Laboratories") today announced the development of automatic test-generation technologies to limit excessive testing work and enhance efficiencies for agile development - an evolutionary approach to developing software which incrementally adds small-scale functions, and then one after another, makes them available.