Boxing Chief Admits Friendship With Ex-gangster

Boxing chief admits friendship with ex-gangster

The chairman of the Japan Amateur Boxing Federation has admitted to a decades-long association with a gangster.

Akira Yamane told NHK on Sunday that the 2 became friends when he was a teenager, and that their friendship continued after he joined the board of the boxing federation in 1991.

Town Turns To Anime To Revive Classic Gangster Tale 'tenpo Suikoden'

Town turns to anime to revive classic gangster tale 'Tenpo Suikoden'Local officials are trying to revitalize the popularity of classic gangster tale “Tenpo Suikoden” to promote the town of Tonosho.
So far, they have produced an animated TV series based on the story, which features a climatic duel that took place 170 years ago on the Otonegawara riverbank. Now, they are working on a guidebook and soliciting support for a TV drama based on “Tenpo Suikoden.”