Kanazawa's Famous Kenrokuen Garden Lit Up In Colorful Seasonal Event

Kanazawa's famous Kenrokuen garden lit up in colorful seasonal event

KANAZAWA -- Kenrokuen, known as one of Japan's three most beautiful gardens, was lit up on a trial basis on Nov. 16 prior to a seasonal night viewing event here, creating a colorful, tranquil scene.

In order to prevent branches of trees in the garden from breaking from the weight of snow, "yukizuri" (literally meaning snow hanging) is carried out ahead of winter. This is a method of attaching poles and ropes to the trees in a conical array in order to prevent the branches from breaking because of heavy snow.

Photo: Autumn Foliage In Japan's Kyoto

GALLERY: Autumn foliage in Japan's Kyoto

With the summer heat now a thing of the past, Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto is abrim with bursts of stunning colors as its iconic autumn foliage season draws in throngs of visitors from both Japan and overseas.


Poised And Red-dy

Poised and red-dy

The Yomiuri ShimbunRed poinsettias fill a greenhouse at Kawate Noen farm in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, on Tuesday. The farm has started shipments for the Christmas season and expects the peak to be around Nov. 20. About 5,000 pots are expected to be shipped to the Tokyo metropolitan area, according to the farm.

Colorful Autumn Foliage Draws Visitors To Nagatoro

Colorful autumn foliage draws visitors to Nagatoro

Colorful autumn leaves are in their prime at a park in Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, drawing many visitors.

The park in the town of Nagatoro is well-known as an autumn foliage viewing site with about 300 maple trees in red and yellow.

New Blue Cyclamen Variety Unveiled

New blue cyclamen variety unveiled

Suntory Flowers Ltd. showed off its new brand of blue cyclamen in Narita, Chiba Prefecture on Thursday.

The cyclamen, which has many indigo petals and is named "Edo no Ao," was unveiled to the press by the company, a unit of major Japanese food and beverage group Suntory Holdings Ltd.

Photo: Shining In Gold

Shining in goldGingko trees regale visitors to the Meiji Jingu Gaien area in Tokyo on Wednesday. About 140 gingko trees have started to display their autumnal yellow, about a week earlier than usual, according to the administrative office of the area. The foliage is expected to be at its finest in mid-November or later.

Photo: Autumn Glow

Autumn glow

Japanese momiji maple trees are lit up at Eikando Zenrinji temple in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, on Thursday night during a lighting test. The temple, a famous sightseeing spot for autumn leaves with about 3,000 maple trees, will hold a special night viewing event from Tuesday through Dec. 6. The temple says the middle of this month is the best time to view the illuminated leaves.

Unison Square Garden's New Pv Is Set In A Music Program

UNISON SQUARE GARDEN's new PV is set in a music program

UNISON SQUARE GARDEN has uploaded the short PV for their new single "Invisible Sensation" onto YouTube.

"Invisible Sensation" is the band's new single that's slated for release on November 8. It's currently being used as the opening theme for TV anime 'Ball Room e Youkoso.' Set in a music program, the PV shows the film crew causing an accident while shooting the band's performance. The full video will be included in the Limited Edition DVD.


30,000 Aomori Apples Re-create Fruity Mosaic Of Kabuki Ukiyo-e

30,000 Aomori apples re-create fruity mosaic of Kabuki ukiyo-e

HIROSAKI, Aomori Prefecture--A huge fruity mosaic of an iconic Japanese artwork completed in the Hirosakijo castle courtyard on Oct. 18 is set to become the apple of locals' eye.

Using about 30,000 apples, the specialty of the prefecture, a portrait of a Kabuki actor by Toshusai Sharaku of the Edo Period was reproduced on a base measuring 17 meters long and 9 meters wide. It was set up by the main keep of the castle, which is part of Hirosaki Park here in northwestern Japan.

Zoom Up / 'eye In The Sky' Aids Rice Farmers

Zoom Up / 'Eye in the sky' aids rice farmers

By Ryohei Moriya / Yomiuri Shimbun PhotographerThe gentle sound of propellers can be heard as a drone flies over rice fields that are beginning to turn yellow. Its altitude, speed and route are all preprogrammed.

Ichikawa Farm in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, flies a small drone during cultivation of its pesticide-free rice about once a month. A special camera attached to the drone, which is flown 60 meters above the paddies, can capture near-infrared images and takes more than 1,000 pictures on each flight. The farm can check crop growing conditions based on computer analysis of the images.

Rice Harvested Near Fukushima Accident Site

Rice harvested near Fukushima accident site

A farmer in a town near the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has harvested rice for the 1st time since the 2011 accident.

Noboru Watanabe harvested the crop from his paddy in the town of Tomioka on Monday, with local officials looking on.

Photo Journal: Golden Harvest

Photo Journal: Golden harvest

Maidens at Kushida Shrine in Fukuoka's Hakata Ward use chopsticks to collect fallen gingko nuts during the "Ginan otoshi" (falling gingko nut) ritual on Oct. 4, 2017. The nuts, which are a vivid yellow on the inside, are from the roughly 22-meter-tall "Meoto ginan" (husband and wife gingko) tree that stands next to the shrine's main hall. Shrine staff use bamboo poles to shake the nuts free of the giant tree's branches to be collected and then presented as an offering to the shrine's deity. (Mainichi)

Plants Growing On Miyakejima Peak For 1st Time Since Eruption

Plants growing on Miyakejima peak for 1st time since eruption

Plants are covering the peak of Mount Oyama on Miyakejima island south of Tokyo for the first time since the volcano erupted in July 2000.

"The amount of volcanic gases has significantly declined since last year, likely allowing plants to grow rapidly around the summit," said Hiroyoshi Higuchi, a professor emeritus of the University of Tokyo, who has been studying the ecosystem of the island each year since the eruption.