Green, Clean Eating With Veg Steamed In Garlic And Olive Oil

Green, clean eating with veg steamed in garlic and olive oil

"Food stylist" Midori Takahashi specializes in maximizing the potential of dishes through choices of plates, place mats and more to effectively enhance them and the perception of the cook responsible for them.

After studying pottery in a two-year college, Takahashi, 60, worked at an illustrator's office before striking out on her own. Her skill for highlighting depictions of cooked dishes earned her a reputation, and she decided to follow her chosen career.

Japanese Man Invents "coffee" Made Entirely Of Garlic

Japanese man invents

"Garlic coffee" can be a boon to coffee-loving pregnant women abstaining from it as a man in northeastern Japan invented the drink that looks and tastes like coffee but is made up entirely of locally grown garlic.

"My drink is probably the world's first of its kind," said 74-year-old Yokitomo Shimotai, who was a coffee shop owner in Aomori Prefecture. "It contains no caffeine so it's good for those who would like to drink coffee at night or pregnant women."

Garlic Rice Taste Sensation From Bygone Postwar Years

Garlic rice taste sensation from bygone postwar yearsJinnosuke Uotsuka has long studied the diet of the common man from the Meiji Era (1868-1912) through the postwar period.
The 60-year-old self-proclaimed "food identification officer" is from a family that runs a long-established restaurant in Fukuoka Prefecture. Although he has been exposed to the culinary world since childhood, he had a hard time getting used to it.

Garlic Beef Rice Recipe

Garlic Beef Rice RecipeJapanese steakhouses serve garlic rice after the meal, and many of them cook teppanyaki style (preparing the meal on a grill in front of you). It’s really fun to watch and be served by the chef moments after he cooks it for you!

Garlic Beef Recipe

Garlic Beef RecipeNira (chives), garlic, and beef taste very good together! Many Japanese believe that garlic gives you strength, so you can try this recipe if you are tired ! It is good with steamed rice and also you can eat it wrapped in lettuce with some chili sauce.

Beansprout Hotpot With Sesame, Miso And Garlic

Beansprout hotpot with sesame, miso and garlicHotpot is easy to prepare in large amounts, making it a useful option when entertaining guests in the busy year-end season.

"The main ingredient is beansprouts. They are cheap and need no cutting," says cooking expert Megumi Fujii. The mild taste of the beansprout will be offset by the rich sesame and miso soup.