Fujitsu Successfully Develops A Breath Sensor Device That Quickly Measures Gas Components

Fujitsu Successfully Develops a Breath Sensor Device That Quickly Measures Gas ComponentsFujitsu Laboratories Ltd. today announced that it has developed a portable breath sensor that can extract and quickly measure the concentration of only specified gas components, such as ammonia, that are included at low concentrations in people's breath and are suggested to be correlated with lifestyle diseases.

Mems-based Sensor Detects Low-concentration Hydrogen Gas

MEMS-based Sensor Detects Low-concentration Hydrogen GasChino Corp developed a measuring instrument that uses a sensor capable of detecting hydrogen gas with a concentration of 2% or less.
Chino exhibited the instrument at System Control Fair 2015, which runs from Dec 2 to 4, 2015, at Tokyo Big Sight. For the measurement of the concentration of hydrogen gas, an MEMS (micro electro mechanical system) is used. The company considers that it can be used for the development of fuel cells, etc.

Update : All-new Honda Civic Arriving Later This Year, Current Civic Hybrid & Natural Gas To Be Axed

2015 New York Auto Show : Honda Civic ConceptHonda will launch the 10th generation Civic later this year, according to the executive vice president of the company’s US division, John Mendel.
In order to prepare for the launch of the all-new model and to respond to consumer preferences, Honda will discontinue the current Civic Hybrid and Civic Natural Gas at the end of the 2015 model year, the executive added.

Toyota's New Diesel Engine Complies With Multiple Exhaust Gas Regulations

Toyota's New Diesel Engine Complies With Multiple Exhaust Gas RegulationsToyota Motor Corp employed a newly-developed 2.8L in-line four-cylinder diesel engine, "1GD-FTV," for the new Hilux pickup truck that it announced in Thailand May 21, 2015.
Toyota enabled to drive the truck in both emerging and developed countries without changing its specifications. Also, the company improved thermal efficiency by 15% or more this time, compared with the previous (1KD-FTV) engine. The maximum thermal efficiency of the new engine is 44%.

Gasly Gets On The Gas During Infiniti Red Bull Racing Test Session

Gasly gets on the gas during Infiniti Red Bull Racing test sessionAmid the plethora of driving stats Formula One loves to wallow in, the numbers concerning driver test days aren't ones that regularly get trotted out. But drill down into the figures for Infiniti Red Bull Racing test outings, and it's abundantly clear just how keen the team is on bringing through the next generation of racing talent, particularly for drivers climbing the racing ladder as part of the Red Bull Junior Team.

Japan Has More Ev Charging Stations Than Gas Stations

Japan has More EV Charging Stations than Gas StationsElectrified vehicles are being heavily embraced in Japan.
Recently Nissan reported that the island nation now has more charging stations for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles than gas stations, exceeding 40,000. In comparison gas stations in the country total just 34,000.