2021 Toyota 86: Here's What A Second Gen Model Could Look Like

2021 Toyota 86: Here's What A Second Gen Model Could Look Like

Toyota's 86 together with its Subaru BRZ sibling are arguably one (we won’t say two, since they’re identical) of the most celebrated, mainstream sports cars of our time, but they've been overshadowed lately. Why? Well the answer comes from within the Japanese manufacturer's own stables: the newly-revealed Supra.

Honda Civic Hatchback Next-gen Production May Come To North America

Honda Civic hatchback next-gen production may come to North America

Honda just announced this week that it will be closing its Civic hatchback factory in Swindon in the U.K. Besides meaning the potential loss of 3,500 jobs, the plant closure left us wondering what the future is for the Honda Civic hatchback, particularly the Type R, both of which are produced there for global markets including our own. But Honda has provided us a statement that reveals the hatchback and Type R appear to be safe, where production may be moved to, and when we may be seeing a totally new Civic.

According to Honda, the company is looking at bringing hatchback production to North America. Part of the reason for this is that the hatch is quite popular. Honda says that almost 20 percent of North American Civic sales are of the hatchback, and that's more than the company expected. And it does seem logical to bring production closer to where the cars are being sold. The Type R in particular would make sense since its engine is already build in Ohio.

Alps Alpine Next-gen Driving Experience

Alps Alpine Next-Gen Driving Experience

As cars become more packed with sensors, computers, and connectivity, the possibilities to enhance the driver’s experience expand exponentially. Alps Alpine looks at how future components and technologies can change the driver experience from end to end.

Most people imagine that the driving experience starts when you get into the car, but Alps Alpine’s concept named “Seamless Smart Mobility Solution” imagine things starting in your home.

Hoshino Gen Unveils Pv For 'pop Virus'

Hoshino Gen unveils PV for 'Pop Virus'

Hoshino Gen has unveiled the PV for his new song "Pop Virus." 

This song can be found in the singer's new album "POP VIRUS" to drop on December 19. The PV was shot in just one cut at a subway in a foreign country that was built in a recording studio. In it, Hoshino performs the song in a subway train with graphic art that evokes hip-hop culture.

Nintendo To Focus On The Current-gen Switch

Nintendo To Focus On The Current-Gen Switch

A couple of months ago, there was a report that claimed that Nintendo could be planning a hardware revision of the Nintendo Switch for the second half of 2019. Could that report be true? Speaking to Forbes in an interview, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime remained coy when asked about a new Nintendo Switch.

According to Fils-Aime, “Right now, as we go into our second holiday, my focus is making sure the current grey and neon Switch continue to have momentum in the market place. You saw systems, whether it’s our own or competitive home console systems, utilize that tactic a bit later in the life cycle. So right now, the current execution of Nintendo Switch with the Joy-Con and all of the capabilities, that’s our focus right now.”

Hoshino Gen To Release First Album In 3 Years + Hold 5 Major Dome Tour

Hoshino Gen to release first album in 3 years + hold 5 major dome tour

Hoshino Gen will release his new album "POP VIRUS" on December 19. To coincide with this release, he will hold a dome tour from February to March of next year. 

The new album will include Hoshino's hit songs, such as "Koi," "Family Song," and "Idea." It will be released in four different versions: Limited Edition A (CD+Blu-ray), Limited Edition B (CD+DVD), Regular Edition First Press, and Regular Edition. The Limited Editions and First Press will come with a special booklet. 

Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 Announced For Next-gen Android Smartwatches

Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 Announced For Next-Gen Android Smartwatches

Qualcomm had confirmed earlier this year that it’s going to launch a new chip for Wear OS (Android Wear) smartwatches and it has done just that today. The Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform for smartwatches is based on a new ultra-low power system architecture that’s aimed at extending battery life while delivering new, personalized experiences. The focus on battery longevity makes sense as the battery life is one of the key selling points for a smartwatch.