Nintendo Switch Is Getting The Witcher 3

Nintendo Switch Is Getting The Witcher 3

There’s some good news today for those who prefer to play games on the Nintendo Switch. The Witcher 3, CD Projekt Red’s open-world classic, is headed to the Nintendo Switch. This game was first released back in 2015 and it will finally be released for the Switch later this year.

A handful of older games have recently made their way over to the Nintendo Switch. This includes titles like Dark Souls, Diablo 3, LA Noire, and more. The Witcher 3 joins that list much to the pleasure of gamers on Nintendo’s platform. Its launch for the Switch had been teased recently.

Final Fantasy Viii Will Also Be Getting Its Own Remake

Final Fantasy VIII Will Also Be Getting Its Own Remake

Just yesterday, Square Enix finally confirmed that its long-awaited remake of Final Fantasy VII will be released in 2020. However, if Final Fantasy VII is not your jam, then you might be interested to learn that in addition to remaking Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix has also announced that they’ll be remaking Final Fantasy VIII.

Now, the entire Final Fantasy franchise has its huge following of fans, although admittedly the seventh installment is probably it’s most popular and most recognizable, even amongst those who might not have played the game before. However, this does not mean that we should be sleeping on the remake of Final Fantasy VIII either.

2020 Nissan Titan Getting A Light Refresh Inside And Out

2020 Nissan Titan getting a light refresh inside and out

The 2020 Nissan Titan full-size pickup truck has been spotted testing, and it appears to be getting a light refresh. This will be the first update since the truck was redesigned for the 2017 model year (2016 for the Titan XD). The updates are clearly mild, but some of them should be solid improvements.

There isn't much we can see from the outside due to some very thorough camouflage. But from what we can see, changes will be quite subtle. The bumper and its main grille appear to be unchanged from the current model. The overall headlight, grille, taillight and tailgate designs are roughly the same, too. So we suspect changes will just be to grille designs and the look of the lighting elements.

2020 Toyota Supra Getting A Cx Racing 2jz Engine Swap Kit

2020 Toyota Supra getting a CX Racing 2JZ engine swap kit

Let's not act surprised by an aftermarket kit to put a 2JZ engine into the 2020 Toyota Supra. The new Supra's chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada, already advised anyone planning such a swap to "please buy the four-cylinder. It will be cheaper." What's surprising is that the kit is being advertised before the Supra's even gone on sale, and it's coming from CX Racing. The tuning firm offers a long list of equipment, but it might be most known for selling turbochargers and plumbing on eBay.

The company might also have been surprised by response to the 2JZ swap kit announcement. When CX Racing posted a render of a blue Supra with a blue-hued 2JZ dropped perfectly in the forward bay, naysayers streamed down from the hills. The primary gripe was that the B58, an engine only in production since 2015, hasn't been tuned to its limits, so why "swap in a heavier less efficient engine for the sake of nostalgia?" No one knew the B58 had so many defenders. We won't get the four-cylinder Supra in the U.S., so swaps will put more B58s on the market for those who covet their potential.

Snow Getting Heavier In Tokyo

Snow getting heavier in Tokyo

Authorities in Japan are warning that heavy snow could fall over central Tokyo and the surrounding Kanto region. They're calling on people to be prepared.

The Meteorological Agency said on Saturday a strong cold air mass and passing low-pressure system are combining to dump snow over wide areas.