Giant Rice Cake Ceremony For New Year

Giant rice cake ceremony for New Year

Giant-sized rice cakes have been offered to a shrine in central Japan to ensure good health and an abundant harvest in the coming year.

Farmers and other residents of Aichi Prefecture make an offering of round-shaped rice cakes every year to the Atsuta Jingu shrine in Nagoya City.

Giant Panda Saihin Celebrates First Birthday

Giant panda Saihin celebrates first birthday

A zoo in central Japan has held a party to celebrate the first birthday of a giant panda named Saihin.

Two hundred people were chosen by lottery to take part in the event at Adventure World in the town of Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture on Wednesday.

Giant Sand Sculptures On Display At Chiba Park

Giant sand sculptures on display at Chiba park

Two giant sand sculptures are on display at a park in Tateyama City, southeast of Tokyo.

Artist Toshihiko Hosaka created the artworks, named Pegasus and Dragon. He won an international competition for sand art in Taiwan in 2017.

Giant Rice Cake Offered At Shrine

Giant rice cake offered at shrine

A giant rice cake has been placed at a shrine north of Tokyo to pray for a good harvest and the safety of the region in the coming year.

People in the town of Takanezawa, Tochigi Prefecture, observe the ritual every year. The three-layer rice cake weighs about 700 kilograms and is 90 centimeters high. The lowest layer is more than a meter wide.

Giant Panda In Tokyo Turns 1 Year Old

Giant panda in Tokyo turns 1 year old

Visitors to Tokyo's Ueno Zoo have celebrated the first birthday of a giant panda cub named Xiang Xiang.

About 4,000 people gathered in front of the zoo's gate on Tuesday morning before opening time.

Land Rover Drew A Giant Defender In The Snow Atop French Alps

Land Rover Drew A Giant Defender In The Snow Atop French AlpsOver 70 years ago, an engineer quite literally drew a line in the sand. That’s how the original Land Rover was first designed. And in the seven decades since, the models that have followed have traversed every manner of terrain on earth. So to celebrate its achievements, Land Rover drew a much bigger one – this time on top of a mountain some 9,000 feet above sea level.

New Canon Patent Describes Something Pretty Innovative From The Japanese Camera Giant

New Canon patent describes something pretty innovative from the Japanese camera giant

A Canon patent from October, 2017 resurfaced on the Canon rumor mill today, and it describes something pretty innovative from the Japanese camera giant. The patent shows a lens adapter—ostensibly designed for a mirrorless camera—that features a built-in variable-voltage ND filter.

The ND filter component is "formed from an electrochromic device [or a liquid crystal element] which changes light transmittance on application of a voltage." That way, you could electronically and silently change the amount of light hitting your camera's sensor without stopping down the lens.

Sounkyo Onsen Hyobaku (ice Fall) Festival Giant Ice Sculptures

Sounkyo Onsen Hyobaku (ice fall) Festival giant ice sculpturesKAMIKAWA, Hokkaido--The mercury may regularly dip below minus 10 degrees, but the shimmering exhibits of the Sounkyo Onsen Hyobaku (ice fall) Festival here are enough to entice anyone out into the shivering cold.

Visitors were dazzled by the event's giant ice sculptures, illuminated by multi-colored lights in a frozen valley, when it kicked off on Jan. 25.

Line Teams Up With Chinese Bicycle Rental Giant Mobike

Line teams up with Chinese bicycle rental giant Mobike

Japanese free messaging app giant Line Corp. said it will start a bicycle-sharing service with Beijing Mobike Technology Co., the world's largest bike rental company.

Line said Dec. 20 it would provide up to 20 percent of the capital of the Japanese subsidiary of Mobike and dispatch one of its executives to the subsidiary in early January.

Giant Panda Cub Makes Debut In Tokyo

Giant panda cub makes debut in Tokyo

A giant panda cub made her full debut at Japan's oldest zoo in Tokyo on Tuesday, greeted by lucky visitors who obtained tickets in a competitive lottery.

Ticket holders waited in the cold for over an hour before the zoo opened for the 9:45 a.m. exhibition of Xiang Xiang, the first panda born to a resident mother at the zoo to be publicly exhibited in nearly 30 years.