Malala Calls For Investment In Girls' Education

Malala calls for investment in girls' education

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai has called on world leaders to promote girls' education.

Malala delivered a keynote speech on Saturday at the World Assembly for Women organized by the Japanese government in Tokyo.

Report: Bullying Linked To Girl's Suicide In 2015

Report: Bullying linked to girl's suicide in 2015

An investigative committee for Ibaraki Prefecture, north of Tokyo, has acknowledged a causal relationship between bullying and the suicide of a girl four years ago.

Junior high school student Naoko Nakashima in Toride City, who was 15, killed herself in November 2015, leaving a note saying she did not want to be bullied.

2 Girls In Apparent Suicide Left Notes

2 girls in apparent suicide left notes

Police say two elementary school girls apparently committed suicide on Tuesday night by jumping from a condominium in Aichi Prefecture. Investigative sources say the girls left behind notes for their family members and others at the scene.

The sixth-graders, who attended the same elementary school, were found bleeding in the area around the condominium in the city of Toyota. They were later pronounced dead at a hospital.

Tokyo Girls' Style Reveal Short Pv For 'hikaru Yo'

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE reveal short PV for 'Hikaru yo'

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE have revealed the PV for their new song "Hikaru yo." 

"Hikaru yo" will be released together with "Reborn" as the group's double A-side single on February 27. In the PV, the girls do a formation dance with four dancers who were selected from a back dancer audition. On the PV, Shoji Mei commented, "We shot the dance scene for the first time with 8 people, so it's more powerful than usual, and is a music video worth seeing."

Check Out The Pv For Maison Book Girls' 'semai Monogatari'

Check out the PV for Maison book girls' 'Semai Monogatari'

Maison book girl have uploaded the PV for their new song "Semai Monogatari" onto their YouTube channel. 

"Semai Monogatari" will be included in the group's second album "yume" which will drop in stores on November 21. Co-directed by suzzken and Ninomiya Yuki, the PV portrays the song's worldview by using red, blue, and black. 

Yanagawa Nanami To Graduate From Country Girls, Juice=juice, And Hello! Project

Yanagawa Nanami to graduate from Country Girls, Juice=Juice, and Hello! Project

It's been announced that Country Girls and Juice=Juice member Yanagawa Nanami will be graduating from Hello! Project in March of next year. 

Yanagawa commented, "In this past year, I have begun thinking more and more about my future and current activities. After taking a good look at myself, I realized that I need to take a step back from being an 'idol' and grow more as 'Yanagawa Nanami.' In order to do that, I felt that I need to go to college. I will study hard to find a new dream and move toward that field.

E-girls' Pv For 'perfect World' Revealed

E-girls' PV for 'Perfect World' revealed

E-girls have revealed the PV for their new song "Perfect World." 

This song was written as the theme song for Iwata Takanori (Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE, EXILE) and Sugisaki Hana's starring film 'Perfect World: Kimi to Iru Kiseki' opening in theaters on October 5. The PV portrays the song's lyrics of woman who continues to think about one man while overcoming hardships. 

E-girls To Digitally Release 'perfect World' Theme Song

E-girls to digitally release 'Perfect World' theme song

E-girls will digitally release their new song "Perfect World" on October 3. 

"Perfect World" is the theme song for Iwata Takanori (Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE, EXILE) and Sugisaki Hana's starring film 'Perfect World: Kimi to Iru Kiseki', which will open in theaters on October 5. You can check out the movie trailer featuring E-girls' song below. 

Former Country Girls' Inaba Manaka To Join Juice=juice

Former Country Girls' Inaba Manaka to join Juice=Juice

It's been announced that former Country Girls member Inaba Manaka will be joining Juice=Juice. 

Inaba graduated from Country Girls in August of 2016 due to asthma, but resumed her activities in Hokkaido last September. Since early this year, she has been participating in activities outside of Hokkaido, such as the 'Hello! Project 20th Anniversary!! Hello! Project 2018 WINTER ~PERFECT SCORE~ ~FULL SCORE~.' 

Tokyo Girls' Style Show Their Two Sides In Pv For 'kiss Wa Agenai'

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE show their two sides in PV for 'kiss wa Agenai'

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE have revealed the PV for their new single "kiss wa Agenai" to be released on June 20. 

"kiss wa Agenai" is labeled as a "Sweet Summer Pop" song. In the PV, the girls show their "positive" and "negative" sides. In the "positive" scenes, they act cheerful and girly, while they can be seen as provocative and alluring in the "negative" scenes. 

Watch The Pv For Generation's New Song 'f.l.y. Boys F.l.y. Girls'

Watch the PV for GENERATION's new song 'F.L.Y. BOYS F.L.Y. GIRLS'

GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE have dropped the PV for their new single "F.L.Y. BOYS F.L.Y. GIRLS", which will be released on June 13. 

"F.L.Y. BOYS F.L.Y. GIRLS" is a dance tune with a cheering message for young people of the new generation. In the PV, you can enjoy the members' powerful dance that incorporates a move called "the shoot."