Mystery Donor Gives 100 Mil. Yen To Ehime Govt.

Mystery donor gives 100 mil. yen to Ehime govt.

An unknown donor has sent about 100 million yen, or about 910,000 dollars, to the government of Ehime Prefecture in western Japan.

A cardboard box containing bundles of 10,000 yen bills, addressed to Ehime Governor Tokihiro Nakamura, was delivered on January 29.

Trd Gives 2020 Toyota Gr Supra First Real Tuning Job With Performance Line Concept

TRD Gives 2020 Toyota GR Supra First Real Tuning Job With Performance Line Concept

Toyota’s TRD in-house performance division is on a roll lately pumping out one product after the other. At this week’s Chicago Auto Show alone, they presented four vehicles, but the big news for enthusiasts comes from across the Pacific, as they debuted their first stab on the new GR Supra at Japan’s 2019 Osaka Auto Messe.

Nara's Asuka Hot Pot Gives Flavor Of Food Culture From Afar

Nara's Asuka hot pot gives flavor of food culture from afar

Recipe books collected from around the globe, some written in Cyrillic and Arabic, line the bookshelf of Yuriko Aoki, a cooking expert on the world's local dishes.

She refers to the books, including an instructional tome with hand-drawn illustrations and a beautiful volume resembling a photo album, to recreate local flavors and introduces them through events and the media.

Former Nmb48's Terui Honoka Gives Birth To First Child

Former NMB48's Terui Honoka gives birth to first child

It's been reported that former NMB48 member Terui Honoka gave birth to her first child on January 17th. 

Terui was a fourth generation member of NMB48 and was active from 2012 to 2015. Last July, she announced that she was four months pregnant, and on January 18th, she revealed on Instagram, "A healthy 3,100 gram (6 lb 13 oz) baby boy was born."

Singer Ai Gives Birth To Second Child

Singer AI gives birth to second child

On December 29, singer AI (35) updated her Instagram account announcing the birth of her second child. 

She wrote, "My baby was born without any problems. I am so thankful. It's a baby boy. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!"

Tsuji Nozomi Gives Birth To Her 4th Child

Tsuji Nozomi gives birth to her 4th child

On December 8, actor Sugiura Taiyou's (37) wife, former Morning Musume member Tsuji Nozomi (32) has birth to their fourth child, a 2,655 gram (5 lbs 13 oz) baby boy. 

Both Tsuji and Sugiura made the happy announcement on their official blogs. She expressed, "Once again, I felt how risky and miraculous it is to give birth to a new life. Also, no matter how many times you do it, every birth is different! And no matter how many times I've experienced it, it's painful!"

Honjo Gives Nobel Lecture

Honjo gives Nobel Lecture

The co-winner of this year's Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Japanese immunologist Tasuku Honjo, has said that cancer will no longer be a life-threatening disease around the year 2030.

Honjo made the comment in his Nobel Lecture on Friday. He is sharing this year's prize with Professor James Allison of the University of Texas.

Tsuchiya Anna Gives Birth To Her 4th Child

Tsuchiya Anna gives birth to her 4th child

Model/singer Tsuchiya Anna (34) has announced the birth of her fourth child. 

Tsuchiya wrote on her Twitter and Instagram, "A healthy baby girl was born on November 18, the same birthday as Mickey Mouse. With another member added to our family, it will become more lively, but please continue to support us."