Feline Got In Movie Form Chasing Imperiled Amami Rabbit

Cat got in video form chasing jeopardized Amami rabbit

AMAMI-OSHIMA, Kagoshima Prefecture- - A feline jumps on a youthful jeopardized rabbit in the main video to catch one going after an Amami rabbit, a species interesting to this region.

The film, which highlights the far reaching issue of felines chasing inside the island's delicate biological community, was discharged by Mariko Suzuki, an exploration individual at the Amami Station of Kagoshima University's Research Center for the Pacific Islands, on March 25.

Women Proving They've Got The Karate Chops

Women proving they've got the karate chopsSometimes it's the no’s you get in life that push you into your destiny. It happened to a local woman.
No question karate is a beautiful art form. It’s the combination of high kicking, punching, blocking and other techniques.
Linda Podrazik loved it all.

New 2015 Toyota Camry The Best Just Got Better

2014 New York Auto Show : 2015 Toyota CamryThe dynasty rolls on! For 12 consecutive years, and 16 of the past 17, the Toyota Camry mid-size sedan has worn the crown of “best-selling car in America.” One creates such a juggernaut by never resting on its laurels and the new 2015 Camry is a prime example of this philosophy.