Sugar Removes Edge From Curry-flavored Stir-fry 'goya' And Chicken

Sugar removes edge from curry-flavored stir-fry 'goya' and chickenA popular summer vegetable known for its distinct flavor is the bitter gourd “goya,” which is rich in vitamin C.
Stir-fried goya with eggs is a popular dish, but chef and restaurant owner Tomoshige Ichikawa introduces other ways to enjoy goya. Salt is usually used to remove the water and reduce the bitterness. He also uses sugar “as a step to make it easier to eat.” Both serve four.

Goya In Clam Jeon Captures The Summer Spirit

Goya in clam jeon captures the summer spiritTake a bite of goya (bitter gourd) and you will feel the energy of summer. Although it is often enjoyed in “chanpuru” (stir-fry), Yoko Munakata of the Better Home Association suggests using the vegetable in jeon, a Korean pancake-like dish. The chewy dough makes a nice contrast with the crisp goya. Fresh goya has a bumpy surface that is firm and glossy. By mixing flour and katakuriko starch in a ratio of 8-to-2, you get a jeon that is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. The recipe serves two.

Goya Chanpuru Recipe

Goya Chanpuru RecipeChanpuru is a popular Okinawan dish and means, roughly, “something mixed.” Goya is a bitter fruit, and looks very weird, but it is very tasty with this tofu, egg, and pork stir-fry. Okinawa food is very different from regular Japanese cuisine. You can find many new and adventurous dishes at an Okinawa restaurant.