Akb48's Hiwatashi Yui To Graduate From The Group

AKB48's Hiwatashi Yui to graduate from the group

AKB48 member Hiwatashi Yui has announced her graduation from the group.

This announcement was made on November 7 during Team B's concert at AKB48 Theater. Her last handshake event will be on November 23 and graduation concert on November 28. 

Juice=juice Leader Miyazaki Yuka To Graduate In June

Juice=Juice leader Miyazaki Yuka to graduate in June

On February 13, idol group Juice=Juice held a release event for their triple A-side single "Bitansan / Potsuri to / Good bye&Good luck!" in Tokyo. 

As reported earlier, leader Miyazaki Yuka will be graduating from the group as well as Hello! Project after their spring tour. During one of the MC segments, it was announced that she will be graduating after their Budokan live on June 17. "Budokan is a really big place, and it's also an unforgettable place for us. So I am very happy that this place will be my last," she commented. 

Ske48's Obata Yuna To Graduate

SKE48's Obata Yuna to graduate

SKE48 Team KII member Obata Yuna has announced her graduation from the group. 

Obata made the big announcement on February 12 during Team KII's performance. Her last day of activities will be March 31, and her last handshake event will be on April 6 for their latest single "Stand by you" at MetLife Dome in Saitama. On her Twitter account, she stated, "I will enjoy my last days as an idol! Please continue to support idol Obata Yuna until the very end."

Nmb48's Hayashi Momoka To Graduate

NMB48's Hayashi Momoka to graduate

NMB48 Team N member Hayashi Momoka has announced her graduation from the group. 

This announcement was made on January 8th during the team's performance at NMB48 Theater. In a Google+ post made by stage manager Kaneko Tsuyoshi, it was revealed that Hayashi made the decision to graduate during last year's AKB48 General Election. "I felt that I've done all I could do as an idol, and that my time has come to move onto my next path. I've always dreamed of becoming a model. I hope to find a job in the fashion industry," she said. 

Miyazaki Yuka To Graduate From Juice=juice & Hello! Project

Miyazaki Yuka to graduate from Juice=Juice & Hello! Project

Juice=Juice member Miyazaki Yuka will be graduating from the group as well as Hello! Project after their live tour in spring.

Miyazaki won the Encouragement Award in the '2nd FOREST AWARD NEW FACE' back in 2012. She was then chosen as a member of Juice=Juice in February of 2013 and has been the group's leader since. She revealed, "About a year ago, I started thinking about my life on a larger scale. Then, I felt that I am shining right now because I am in Juice=Juice, but I wanted to find something that will allow me to shine as one person."

Faky Leader Anna To Graduate From The Group

FAKY leader Anna to graduate from the group

FAKY have announced that leader Anna will be graduating from the group on December 20. 

After graduation, Anna will focus on her acting career. "I'm sorry to have surprised everybody with my sudden announcement. Please allow me to talk to everybody directly on the day of our one-man live," she said on her Instagram account. Her last time on stage as a member of FAKY will be on December 20 at LIQUIDROOM Ebisu. 

Fudanjuku's Kariyase Light & Seto Kouki To Graduate

Fudanjuku's Kariyase Light & Seto Kouki to graduate

Fudanjuku's Kariyase Light and Seto Kouki have announced their graduation from the group. 

The two made the announcement on November 9 on Fudanjuku's official YouTube account. Kariyase explained, "As I turned 25 years old, I imagined myself in the future, and my feelings of wanting to go overseas started to grow stronger. As such, I decided to graduate in December."

Yanagawa Nanami To Graduate From Country Girls, Juice=juice, And Hello! Project

Yanagawa Nanami to graduate from Country Girls, Juice=Juice, and Hello! Project

It's been announced that Country Girls and Juice=Juice member Yanagawa Nanami will be graduating from Hello! Project in March of next year. 

Yanagawa commented, "In this past year, I have begun thinking more and more about my future and current activities. After taking a good look at myself, I realized that I need to take a step back from being an 'idol' and grow more as 'Yanagawa Nanami.' In order to do that, I felt that I need to go to college. I will study hard to find a new dream and move toward that field.

Yumemi Nemu To Graduate From Dempagumi.inc, Retire From Showbiz

Yumemi Nemu to graduate from Dempagumi.inc, retire from showbiz

Dempagumi.inc will hold a live concert, titled 'Dempagumi.inc Cosmo Tour 2019 in Nippon Budokan,' on January 6 and 7 at Nippon Budokan. It's been announced that member Yumemi Nemu will graduate from the group after these concerts. 

After graduation, Yumemi plans to retire from showbiz as well. She will be celebrating ten years in showbiz this November, and when she thought about her future, she wanted to take a step forward in a new area taking what she learned from her experiences. Upon retirement, she will produce an original character called "Tanukyun" based on her color mint green. She will also work towards opening a bookstore.

Ske48's Yahagi Yukina To Graduate

SKE48's Yahagi Yukina to graduate

SKE48 Team KII member Yahagi Yukina has announced that she will graduate from the group on October 31. 

The announcement was made on the group's official website. She had been troubled trying to manage both her idol activities and school work. She explained, "I started to doubt my significance by appearing only at handshake events and concerts. I felt bad for the members and fans, and I also felt that I've reached my limit, both physically and mentally, from the busyness of managing the two."

Wakatsuki Yumi To Graduate From Nogizaka46 In November

Wakatsuki Yumi to graduate from Nogizaka46 in November

Wakatsuki Yumi has announced that she will be graduating Nogizaka46 at the end of November. 

On October 1, Wakatsuki published a blog entry titled "I hope to love myself someday." She wrote about how she decided on her graduation as well as her thoughts on graduating. She also mentioned that she will be leaving before Nishino Nanase, who also recently announced her graduation.

Fujita Nana To Graduate From Akb48

Fujita Nana to graduate from AKB48

On September 29, AKB48's Fujita Nana announced her graduation during Team K's group performance 'RESET' at AKB48 Theater. 

After the show, she wrote on her blog, "I announced my graduation from AKB during today's performance. I'm sorry if I surprised you." She continued, "I joined AKB48 as a 10th generation member when I was 13. I am now in my 9th year. I've thought about graduating a few times, but I wasn't able to do it because I wanted to graduate after I made my mark in AKB48."

Five Members To Graduate From Super☆girls

Five members to graduate from SUPER☆GiRLS

It's been announced that SUPER☆GiRLS members Watanabe Hikaru, Miyazaki Rina, Mizote Ruka, Asakawa Nana, and Uchimura Risa will be graduating from the group in January of 2019. 

The group had been aiming to hold their 10th anniversary live in 2020 at Nippon Budokan. As over half of the members will be graduating from the 9-member group, the group's official website explained, "Every year, we have members graduating, and it has become difficult to attain this goal in such a unstable situation. We decided that the next time we have new members join will be the last time the members change. We will work hard to become a group that can stand on the big stage." With this, the remaining members Watanabe Koume, Ishibashi Hotaru, Abe Yumeri, and Nagao Shiori will start anew with the successful candidates of the ongoing 'SUPER☆GiRLS Cho Audition!!!!'

Yonetani Nanami To Graduate From Keyakizaka46

Yonetani Nanami to graduate from Keyakizaka46

Yonetani Nanami has announced her graduation from Keyakizaka46 at the end of the year. 

After starting college this year, Yonetani had the chance to think about herself and her future. As a result, she decided to devote herself to her studies in order to find what she really wants to do. Keyakizaka46's seventh single "Ambivalent," released in August, is her last single.