Sayashi Riho Graduates From Hello! Project

Sayashi Riho graduates from Hello! Project

It's been announced that Sayashi Riho's contract with Upfront Promotion has ended last month and has graduated from Hello! Project. 

Sayashi made the announcement on Upfront Promotion's official website. On her graduation, she commented, "I wanted to put an end to it in order to move toward my new goals." She continued, "I still want to sing, dance, and act! Please continue to watch over me and my dreams."

Shida Manaka Graduates From Keyakizaka46

Shida Manaka graduates from Keyakizaka46

It's been announced that Keyakizaka46's Shida Makana has graduated from the group on November 16. 

Shida had been on temporary hiatus since May due to her poor health. To her fans, she wrote on the group's official website, "Thank you for your support while I was active in the group.

Akb48 Kenkyuusei Shoji Nagisa Graduates

AKB48 Kenkyuusei Shoji Nagisa graduates

AKB48 Team A Kenkyuusei Shoji Nagisa has graduated from the group as it has become difficult for her to manage her activities and schoolwork. 

Shoji passed AKB48's 16th generation audition in 2016. On the group's official website, she commented, "The two years of activities was my treasure. I am full of gratitude to everyone who supported me, the members, and the staff. Thank you very much. From now on, I will do my best while treasuring the many memories I received from everyone."

Ohara Sakurako Graduates From Nihon University

Ohara Sakurako graduates from Nihon University

On March 25, singer/actress Ohara Sakurako announced her graduation from Nihon University's College of Art. 

Ohara announced, "Today is Nihon University, College of Art's graduation ceremony. I am graduating!" The actress is currently in the middle of filming for the movie 'Ano Hi no Orugan' so she was unable to participate in the ceremony. "Among the film staff, there are graduates from Nihon University's College of Art as well as current instructors. I am especially happy to spend this day surrounded by my seniors," she said.

Ozawa Luna Graduates From Super☆girls

Ozawa Luna graduates from SUPER☆GiRLS

SUPER☆GiRLS member Ozawa Luna, who had put her activities on hold due to her poor health condition, has graduated from the group. 

To her fans, Ozawa wrote on her blog, "I've been on break from my activities due to my poor health, but since before my break, I have been mentally unstable and have caused lots of trouble." She explained, "I took this break as a time to stabilize my mentality," and continued, "I'm very sorry to my fans who have been waiting for me that it resulted in this way.

Usui Aika Graduates From Ebisu Muscats

Usui Aika graduates from Ebisu MuscatsUsui Aika has graduated from Ebisu★Muscats.
On her Twitter account, Usui wrote, "As of today, September 22, I have graduated from Ebisu★Muscats. I will go back to the beginning and start over. Please watch over me."

Country Girls' Inaba Manaka Graduates From The Group

Country Girls' Inaba Manaka graduates from the groupIdol group Country Girls member Inaba Manaka (18), who has been on hiatus due to asthma since this April, has graduated from the group as of August 4.
On Hello! Project's official site, the announcement says that Inaba had asthma since she was a child, and it's gotten worse after she moved to Tokyo.

Kiritani Mirei Graduates From Ferris University

Kiritani Mirei graduates from Ferris UniversityActress/model Kiritani Mirei (25) updated her blog and announced her graduation from Ferris University.
Kiritani started off the blog saying, "It's a personal matter, but I have something to announce to everybody. Today, March 20, I have graduated from college. Including my 2-year leave, I've graduated 7 years after entering school." She looked back on her college days, "I took longer than most people, but because of that, I was able to meet more people and have a good experience."

Figure Skating Star Asada Graduates From Chukyo University

Figure skating star Asada graduates from Chukyo UniversityFigure skating star Mao Asada graduated from Nagoya's Chukyo University on March 19, saying she hoped to continue training at the university's skating rink.
Appearing at the graduation ceremony in a pink kimono, Asada, 24, did not speak about her future career, but she has not ruled out returning to competition.