Tokyo Aims For Zero Greenhouse-gas Emissions

Tokyo aims for zero greenhouse-gas emissions

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has released a basic strategy to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 100 percent by 2050.

According to the" Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy", Japan's capital will produce renewable energy from solar power and other sources to replace fossil fuels.

Japan's Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fall To New Low

Japan's greenhouse gas emissions fall to new low

The Environment Ministry says Japan's greenhouse gas emissions fell to a record low in the fiscal year that ended in March.

The ministry's preliminary figures show Japan emitted one-billion 244-million tons of carbon dioxide in fiscal 2018, down 47 million tons, or 3.6 percent, from the previous year. It was the fifth straight yearly decline.

Japan Approves Strategy To Cut Greenhouse Gases

Japan approves strategy to cut greenhouse gases

The Japanese government has compiled its long-term strategy for cutting greenhouse gas emissions and will shortly present it to the United Nations under the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The Cabinet approved the strategy on Tuesday.

Abe Calls For Strategies To Cut Greenhouse Gases

Abe calls for strategies to cut greenhouse gases

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has instructed Cabinet ministers to draw up long-term strategies to cut greenhouse gas emissions by the time the G20 summit convenes in Osaka in June.

The 2016 Paris Agreement on climate change aims to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero in the second half of this century. Signatory nations are required to submit their strategies by 2020.

Japan Launches Greenhouse Gas Observing Satellite

Japan launches greenhouse gas observing satellite

Japan has launched a new satellite to observe greenhouse gases. Ibuki-2, also known as GOSAT-2, will survey carbon dioxide and other global warming gases with greater precision than its predecessor.

An H2A rocket carrying the satellite lifted off from the Tanegashima Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture, southwestern Japan, at 1:08 PM on Monday.

Kyoto Garden To Build Greenhouse Where Visitors Can Observe Endangered Species

Kyoto garden to build greenhouse where visitors can observe endangered speciesAn arboretum here will open a new facility in April where visitors can directly observe efforts by researchers to preserve rare species of plants.
Kyoto Botanical Gardens will have a special greenhouse where visitors will be able to see plant species listed as "endangered" in the Environment Ministry's Red Data Book. The greenhouse will be the first of its kind in Japan.