Gundam To Encourage Olympians In Tokyo Games

Gundam to encourage Olympians in Tokyo Games

A project is underway to have the mechanical hero Gundam from the popular Japanese anime series travel to space to cheer on athletes competing in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

The Games' organizing committee and Japan's space agency JAXA announced the project on Wednesday.

Japan's New Life-sized Gundam Statue Will Be Able To Move

Japan's New Life-Sized Gundam Statue Will Be Able To Move

Several life-sized Gundam statues have gone up in Japan over the past few years. They could either move very little or not at all but that’s going to change with the latest one that’s being built now. A fourth anniversary Gundam project has been announced during a recent press conference. A “moving” 18-meter Gundam statue will be put up at the Gundam Factory Yokohama in the summer of 2020.

The image posted above is what was revealed at the press conference. Details are slim about how it will actually be able to move. Will the one-to-one scale Gundam be able to actually walk or will it just be able to lift a leg up?

New Life-size 'unicorn Gundam' Statue Transforms For The First Time In Odaiba

New life-size 'Unicorn Gundam' statue transforms for the first time in Odaiba

A special ceremony to unveil the new life-sized RX-0 Unicorn Gundam statue from the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn was held at DiverCity Tokyo in the capital's Daiba district on Sept. 23.

At the ceremony, the Gundam's transformation from "Unicorn Mode" to "Destroy Mode" was showcased for the first time, complete with the opening of the unicorn horn and the transformation of the facial features, the illumination of 50 spots on the body and the opening of components on the model's shoulders, lower back and knees. The show gathered thunderous applause from gathered onlookers.

New Gundam Plastic Model Shop Opens In Tokyo

New Gundam plastic model shop opens in Tokyo

Toy maker Bandai Co. opened a new flagship store Saturday in Tokyo specializing in plastic model kits based on the popular sci-fi television animation series "Mobile Suit Gundam."

The Gundam Base Tokyo, located at the DiverCity Tokyo Plaza complex in the Odaiba commercial district, is the first official plastic model outlet in Japan for the series, featuring giant combat robots wearing mobile suits, and 13th overall, joining the list of shops operating in South Korea and Taiwan.

Gundam Fans Bid Farewell To Beloved Giant Robot In Odaiba

Gundam fans bid farewell to beloved giant robot in OdaibaGiant robot Gundam's eight-year mission as guardian of Tokyo’s Odaiba district might be over, but fans of the anime show have been consoled with the news that Unicorn Gundam will be taking over the assignment.
Hundreds of fans of the anime show “Mobile Suit Gundam” gathered in front of the 18-meter-tall statue to bid it farewell in a closing ceremony March 5.

Spyair To Release 'gundam' Theme Song

SPYAIR to release 'Gundam' theme songSPYAIR's new single "RAGE OF DUST" is scheduled to hit store shelves on November 9.
As was previously reported, "RAGE OF DUST" will serve as the opening theme for the second season of TV anime 'Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans' premiering on October 2.

First Gundam Square Shop In Kansai To Open In November

First Gundam Square shop in Kansai to open in NovemberThe first official Gundam Square specialty shop in the Kansai region will open on Nov. 19 at Expocity in Suita, Osaka Prefecture.
Located in the Expo ’70 Commemorative Park, Expocity is one of Japan’s largest commercial complexes, and it will open its doors on the same day.

Aimer To Sing The Theme Song For 'mobile Suit Gundam Uc'

Aimer to sing the theme song for 'Mobile Suit Gundam UC' for the 2nd timeAimer's new single "StarRingChild EP" will be released on May 21st.
The first song off of the single "StarRingChild" will serve as the theme song for popular anime Mobile Suit Gundam UC's new series 'episode 7: Niji no Kanata ni'. This will be Aimer's 2nd time providing the theme song for the anime. The song will be provided and produced by Sawano Hiroyuki.