Sumo : Hakuho Leads As Ozeki Stay In Chase

Sumo : Hakuho leads as ozeki stay in chaseWhile denied a chance to clinch the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament a day early, yokozuna Hakuho easily disposed of the previous tournament champion to keep his fate in his own hands.

Hakuho Stays On Top With Quick Victory

Hakuho stays on top with quick victoryAs the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament winds down, yokozuna Hakuho is cranking things up.
Hakuho continued his dominance of fellow Mongolian yokozuna Kakuryu, improving to 38-5 in head-to-head bouts, and kept sole possession of the tournament lead at Osaka’s Edion Arena on Friday.

Hakuho Strong, Ozeki Sweep In Osaka

Hakuho strong, ozeki sweep in OsakaYokozuna Hakuho seemed to be back in form on Day 3 of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka on Tuesday.
Hakuho (2-1) dominated No. 1 maegashira Takayasu (0-3) to stay one behind the many leaders, but his fellow yokozuna struggled.

Sumo : Hakuho Falls; Kotoshogiku Starts Strong

Sumo : Hakuho falls; Kotoshogiku starts strongOzeki Kotoshogiku had a strong start in his promotion bid for sumo’s top rank, but his victory over top maegashira Takayasu was overshadowed as yokozuna Hakuho stumbled to a loss on the opening day of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament at Edion Arena Osaka on Sunday.

Kotoshogiku Posts Big Win Over Hakuho

Kotoshogiku posts big win over HakuhoOzeki Kotoshogiku took a massive step toward capturing the first Emperor’s Cup of his career, and ending a decade-long title drought by Japanese wrestlers, when he defeated yokozuna Hakuho on Wednesday, the 11th day of the New Year Grand Tournament in Tokyo.

Sumo : Hakuho, Kotoshogiku Both Perfect

Sumo : Hakuho, Kotoshogiku both perfectHalfway through the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament, yokozuna Hakuho is in cruise control while ozeki Kotoshogiku is operating at top gear.
Hakuho battled past sekiwake Yoshikaze (4-4) on Sunday at Ryogoku Koku-gikan in Tokyo to hold a share of the tournament lead with a perfect record. Hakuho was backed up early, but charged forward to force out Yoshikaze.

Hakuho, Kotoshogiku Stay Unbeaten At 7-0

Hakuho, Kotoshogiku stay unbeaten at 7-0Yokozuna Hakuho had little trouble staying unbeaten with a victory over No. 3 maegashira Ichinojo on Saturday, while ozeki Kotoshogiku also kept his slate clean through seven days of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan.

Sumo : Hakuho Cruises On 4th Day

Sumo : Hakuho cruises on 4th dayHakuho looked like an immovable object on Wednesday’s fourth day of the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo.
The Mongolian fought off a quick attack from No. 2 maegashira Takarafuji (0-4) to remain unbeaten as all three yokozuna won.

Sumo: Hakuho Stumbles Again To Hand Lead To Harumafuji

Sumo: Hakuho stumbles again to hand lead to HarumafujiYokozuna Hakuho was surprisingly beaten for the second successive day as Harumafuji grabbed sole possession of the lead at the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament on Saturday.
On the penultimate day of the year's final meet, Hakuho (12-2), who suffered his first defeat here at the hands of Harumafuji a day earlier, was ushered out to a painful second loss by ozeki Terunofuji (8-6), while Harumafuji (13-1) closed in on his first title in two years with victory over Kakuryu (8-6).

Sumo: Hakuho Remains Unbeaten In 12 At Kyushu

Sumo: Hakuho remains unbeaten in 12 at KyushuMongolian yokozuna Hakuho took another stride toward a record-extending 36th career title on Thursday with a convincing win over ozeki Kotoshogiku at the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament.
Hakuho improved to 12-0 after forcing out Fukuoka-born Kotoshogiku (7-5), scoring his 46th win in 50 meetings between the two at grand tournaments. Hakuho initially allowed Kotoshogiku to get hold of the right side of his belt but broke away to safely steering out the ozeki at Fukuoka Kokusai Center.

Sumo Hakuho Still Perfect In Fukuoka Nov 18

Sumo Hakuho still perfect in Fukuoka Nov 18Yokozuna Hakuho stumbled for a moment on Wednesday, but eventually pushed his way past a big obstacle on Day 11 of the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament at the Fukuoka Kokusai Center.
The yokozuna (11-0) lost his balance immediately after the jump-off, but Kisenosato’s two-hand push wasn’t strong enough to send Hakuho down, and the ozeki soon found himself on the surface of the dohyo with his third loss of the basho.