Stores To Suspend Liquor Sales On Halloween

Stores to suspend liquor sales on Halloween

Two major retail store operators say their outlets in Tokyo's Shibuya district will not sell alcoholic drinks in glass bottles on Halloween.

Major Japanese discount chain Don Quijote and convenience store operator Lawson decided the move in response to a request from Shibuya Ward. The local administration asked for cooperation from shops near Shibuya Station to prevent drunken partygoers from bothering people.

Kamen Joshi Celebrates Halloween Night 2017 In Akihabara

Kamen Joshi celebrates Halloween Night 2017 in AkihabaraMasked idols Kamen Joshi held their special "Alice Halloween Night" holiday concert on October 29th, 2017, featuring the full lineup of Akihabara's underground idols (Steam Girls, Armor Girls, Alice Juban) and their trainee groups (Slime Girls, Kamen Joshi Trainees) in a 3-hour event at the P.A.R.M.S. Theater.

Yoshiki Brings Blade Runner Chic To Vamps Halloween Party 2017

YOSHIKI brings Blade Runner chic to VAMPS Halloween Party 2017X Japan leader YOSHIKI reunited with VAMPS frontman Hyde on the final day of Halloween Party 2017 for a powerful collaboration performance.
YOSHIKI flew directly from France to make the October 29th concert at Makuhari Messe after completing an exhausting promotional tour of Europe for the award-winning documentary film We Are X. YOSHIKI and Hyde first teamed up at VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016, and performed together again at Halloween Party 2016.

Halloween All The Rage In Japan, Market Size Exceeds Valentine's Day

Halloween all the rage in Japan, market size exceeds Valentine's DayEnthusiasm among young Japanese for Halloween continues to grow year by year, not only as a day to enjoy "cosplay" but as a time to spend on goodies like nobody's business.
Observed in many countries as a time dedicated to remembering the dead, the celebration in Japan has become firmly rooted as an autumn tradition of lighthearted fun or a bit of the macabre.

Halloween Offers Magical Power For Japanese

Halloween offers magical power for JapaneseIn Irish folklore, fairies, ghosts and demons are common entities. Irish poet William Butler Yeats offered advice about how to treat these supernatural beings in his book, “The Celtic Twilight.”
“And after all, can we come to so great evil if we keep a little fire on our (hearts) and in our souls, and welcome with open hand whatever of excellent come to warm itself, whether it be man or phantom, and do not say too fiercely, even to the (ghouls) themselves, ‘Be ye gone?’”

Iwasa Misaki New Single To Include An Enka Version Of Akb48 Halloween Night

Iwasa Misaki new single to include an enka version of AKB48 Halloween NightIwasa Misaki will release her 5th single (currently untitled) on January 6 of next year.
Like all of her previous singles, the upcoming one will also be produced by Akimoto Yasushi. While details on the title track have not been revealed at this time, it's known that the single will include an enka version of AKB48's latest single "Halloween Night" as the coupling track.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Is Betty Boop For This Halloween

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is Betty Boop for this HalloweenKyary Pamyu Pamyu attended a Halloween event in Shibuya wearing her Halloween costume.
Last Halloween, Kyary dressed up as Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. This year, she challenged herself to dressing up as Betty Boop. Reporters were taken by surprise when Kyary showed up at the event in a bathtub. Her next costume was an after-bath image of Betty, with pastel-colored bubbles wrapping her body.

Garbage Bags Distributed To Halloween Partygoers

Garbage bags distributed to Halloween partygoersTokyo city officials say they will give out garbage bags to revelers for Halloween celebrations at the end of October.
300,000 garbage bags have been printed with pumpkin ghosts to encourage people to take their garbage with them rather than discard it in the streets.