Storm May Halt Trains In Western Japan

Storm may halt trains in western Japan

Railway operators in western Japan say they may suspend train services due to the approaching severe tropical storm, Krosa.

West Japan Railway, or JR West, says it may suspend the Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train services all day on Thursday. The trains run between Shin-Osaka Station in Osaka City and Hakata Station in Fukuoka City.

Court Rejects Appeal To Halt Operations At Genkai

Court rejects appeal to halt operations at Genkai

A Japanese high court has rejected a bid by local residents to stop operations at two reactors at the Genkai nuclear power plant in southwestern Japan.

The Fukuoka High Court handed down its ruling on Wednesday.

Court Nixes Request To Halt Sendai Nuclear Restart

Court nixes request to halt Sendai nuclear restart

A Japanese court has rejected a request to revoke government approval for restarting nuclear reactors at the Sendai power plant in southwestern Japan. The request argued that the plant operator has not taken the necessary measures against possible volcanic eruptions in its surrounding areas.

The Fukuoka District Court on Monday handed down the ruling on a lawsuit filed by 33 residents over the nuclear plant in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Norway Hydrogen Station Explodes, Toyota And Hyundai Halt Sales

Norway hydrogen station explodes, Toyota and Hyundai halt sales

A hydrogen station in Norway experienced an explosion on Monday, and the company who runs the station has since shut down 10 other hydrogen stations, according to several local sources. The station was in a suburb of the country's capital of Oslo. As of now, Nel Hydrogen (company who supplied the hydrogen and equipment) doesn't have an official explanation for the cause of the explosion. Reports from Norwegian outlets still don't specify or speculate as to the reasoning. There were no injuries or deaths that were a direct result of the explosion, but two people were taken to the hospital after the force of the blast caused the airbags to deploy in their car nearby.

In response to the incident, both Toyota and Hyundai have halted sales of their hydrogen-powered cars in Norway. The stations that Nel Hydrogen shut down are located across both Norway and other countries in Europe. For some context on the ownership of this station, Nel Hydrogen and Uno X (traditional fueling station company) have a joint agreement in operating that particular location. Due to some of the few stations being shut down across several countries, folks with hydrogen cars don't have many options for filling their cars at the moment.

Tamaki Urges Govt. To Halt Landfill For Talks

Tamaki urges govt. to halt landfill for talks

Okinawa Governor Denny Tamaki has urged the central government to suspend reclamation work on a US air station in Nago City, before holding talks about US bases with the prefecture.

The planned base will replace the US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station in Ginowan City. But the prefectural government is opposed to the relocation within the prefecture.

Court Dismisses Request To Halt Ohi Reactors

Court dismisses request to halt Ohi reactors

A Japanese court has turned down a request to halt two reactors at a nuclear power plant in central Japan. The request was made due to concerns about the plant's earthquake preparedness.

The Osaka District Court on Thursday dismissed an injunction to suspend operation of the No.3 and 4 reactors of the Ohi plant in Fukui Prefecture.

200,000 Sign Petition To Halt Okinawa Landfill

200,000 sign petition to halt Okinawa landfill

About 200,000 people have signed a petition asking the White House to halt the ongoing landfill work in the Henoko coastal district of Okinawa Prefecture, southern Japan.

The work is part of a project to relocate the US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station, which is currently located in a heavily populated part of Okinawa.

King & Prince's Iwahashi Genki To Temporarily Halt His Activities

King & Prince's Iwahashi Genki to temporarily halt his activities

It's been announced the King & Prince member Iwahashi Genki will be temporarily halting his activities for treatment of panic disorder. 

Iwahashi had been battling panic disorder ever since he was a young boy. After King & Prince made their major debut in May, it became difficult for him to find a balance between his mind and body. Since he will be receiving continuous treatment, he will be able to continue his activities. However, a specialist suggested that he devote himself to treatment while he is still young. After discussion with the members, staff, and other persons concerned, it was decided that he will be taking a temporary break. He will not be participating in the stage play 'JOHNNY'S King & Prince IsLAND' that's scheduled for December. 

Un Envoy: Halt Children's Return To Fukushima

UN envoy: Halt children's return to Fukushima

A UN envoy has urged Japan to halt the return of children and young women to nuclear accident-hit Fukushima, calling the government's radiation exposure limit too lax. But the Japanese side is refuting the advice.

Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur Baskut Tuncak on Thursday was speaking to a committee of the UN General Assembly.

Ngt48's Kado Yuria To Halt Her Activities For A Month

NGT48's Kado Yuria to halt her activities for a month

NGT48 member Kado Yuria will be taking a break from her group activities beginning September 24. 

On the group's official website, an explanation has been published, stating, "She had been experiencing back pain from before and had been continuing her activities while monitoring her condition. After examination at the hospital the other day, it was decided that she take a break for about a month as she was at the risk of getting worse." She will resume her activities upon consultation with the doctor.

Maximum The Hormone To Halt Their Live Activities

MAXIMUM THE HORMONE to halt their live activities

MAXIMUM THE HORMONE have announced that they will be halting their live activities. 

The band explained that Daisuke-han has been diagnosed with severe hernia. According to their Twitter account (@MTH_OFFICIAL), Daisuke-han was already in the condition where he needed surgery in mid-August. However, he wanted to appear in summer festivals, but did not want to worry his fans. As such, he decided to wait until the festivals were over to make the announcement. Although it's unclear when the band will be resuming their live activities, Daisuke-han hopes to heal completely in order to make a comeback.