Tokyo Police Form Harbor Squad For Olympics

Tokyo police form harbor squad for Olympics

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department is planning to form a harbor squad to respond to emergencies during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The Tokyo Bay area is expected to host the athletes' village, and be the site of many events.

Hiroshima Girl's Paper Crane Comes To Pearl Harbor

Hiroshima girl's paper crane comes to Pearl HarborA small paper crane folded by a 12-year-old girl who died of leukemia after the U.S. dropped an atom bomb on her hometown of Hiroshima will go on display in Pearl Harbor, where the 1941 Japanese attack launched the two nations into war.

'small Ryoma' Attracts Visitors To Hiroshima Harbor

'Small Ryoma' attracts visitors to Hiroshima harborEight-year-old Ryusei Kobayashi has become a local star. Dressing up as late Edo-period visionary Sakamoto Ryoma (1836-1867), the youngster acts as a tour guide for visitors at Fukuyuma's Tomonoura port, where Sakamoto spent some time after a collision sank his ship in 1867.