Tiktok Found To Have Collected Data On Android Users

TikTok Found To Have Collected Data On Android Users

The argument that the US government is using in their bid to ban TikTok is that they claim that the app collects data on US citizens, which they believe poses a risk to national security. It seems that whatever excuses TikTok is making to defend itself might be moot, especially with a recent discovery.

According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, it appears that towards the end of 2019, TikTok had actually been collecting data on Android users in the form of the user’s MAC addresses. Unlike cookies that can be easily deleted, MAC addresses are unique identifiers that are used especially in digital advertising to identify devices.

Sony Could Have An Entry-level Full Frame Mirrorless Camera In The Works

Sony Could Have An Entry-Level Full Frame Mirrorless Camera In The Works

Want to get a full frame mirrorless camera? Unfortunately, full frame mirrorless cameras aren’t exactly cheap and Sony’s A7 is probably the cheapest you can expect from the company. However, that might not necessarily be the case in the future, at least according to Sony Alpha Rumors.

The publication is claiming that come September, Sony is expected to announce an entry-level full frame mirrorless camera that will be part of its mirrorless lineup. The naming of this camera is unclear, but it has been speculated to be called either the A5 or the A6, which kind of makes sense given that Sony’s mirrorless lineup consists of the A7 and A9 series.

Tokyo Infections 'have Spread To All Generations'

Tokyo infections 'have spread to all generations'

Experts say the situation of coronavirus infections in Tokyo is serious as the virus has spread to all generations and through diverse routes.

The Tokyo metropolitan government on Thursday held a meeting with the infectious disease experts to assess the situation. They agreed to maintain the highest level of alert on the four-tier scale for the capital for the third week in a row.

Tokyo Tourist Spots Have Few Visitors

Tokyo tourist spots have few visitors

Major tourist spots in Tokyo received relatively small numbers of visitors on Thursday, the start of a four-day weekend.

Many people are believed to have been deterred from going out by a recent resurgence of coronavirus cases and the Tokyo governor's calls to stay at home as well as rainy weather.

Mt. Fuji's Hoei Eruption Found To Have Caused Fire

Mt. Fuji's Hoei eruption found to have caused fire

NHK has learned that a research team of archaeologists and volcanologists have found that Mount Fuji's Hoei eruption in 1707 burned a settlement near the crater.

Little was known about the settlement in the Subashiri district in Oyama Town, Shizuoka Prefecture other than what is written in old documents, as it was completely buried under about 3 meters of ashes, and new homes were built over it.

Ldp Moves To Have Xi's Visit Called Off

LDP moves to have Xi's visit called off

Japan's ruling Liberal Democratic Party is moving to have a planned state visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping called off following the enactment of a national security law for Hong Kong.

Xi's visit has already been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Kawai Found To Have Given Money Multiple Times

Kawai found to have given money multiple times

Sources say former Justice Minister Kawai Katsuyuki was found to have given money to local politicians in Hiroshima on multiple occasions to secure votes for his wife Kawai Anri, who won a seat in last July's Upper House election.

Both were formerly with the main ruling Liberal Democratic Party. They are suspected of giving a total of 25 million 700,000 yen or about 240,000 dollars to 94 local politicians and executives of their supporters' groups.

Nishikido Ryo, Akanishi Jin, Yamada Takayuki And Oguri Shun Have An Online Drinking Party

Nishikido Ryo, Akanishi Jin, Yamada Takayuki and Oguri Shun have an online drinking party

A video of Nishikido Ryo, Akanishi Jin, Yamada Takayuki, and Oguri Shun having an online drinking party has been uploaded onto N/A's official YouTube channel. 

In the beginning, Nishikido appears alone wearing a baseball cap. Then Akanishi appears on screen from his home in the U.S. saying, "I was taking a shower." Followed by Yamada who makes his appearance with an electronic cigarette, and finally Oguri Shun with a plain white t-shirt and beard. 

Recalled 2020 Toyota Highlanders Might Have Faulty Start-stop

Recalled 2020 Toyota Highlanders might have faulty start-stop

Toyota has announced a recall for select 2020 Toyota Highlanders. On models with a 3.5.-liter V6 engine, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) might have an error that could cut off the fuel supply during start-stop. The recall, which affects up to 38,810 vehicles, is expected to start April 24, 2020. 

Toyota filed an official Defect Information Report with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on March 19, 2020, declaring an issue with the ECU on certain 2020 Highlanders. These Highlanders have a start-stop feature that shuts the engine down and restarts it while a vehicle is temporarily stopped. Due to a programming error in the ECU, the fuel system might malfunction during start-stop, and the gas might not make it to engine. 

New Coronavirus May Have Caused Meningitis

New coronavirus may have caused meningitis

Doctors at a hospital in Yamanashi Prefecture west of Tokyo, say the new coronavirus is likely to have caused meningitis in a male patient in his 20s.

The man had a fever on February 27 and visited different medical institutions on February 28 and March 2, but was not tested for the coronavirus.