Abe Wants To Have Frank Talks With Kim

Abe wants to have frank talks with Kim

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has reiterated that he wants to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to resolve the abduction issue.

Abe and Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, who is also the abduction issue minister, attended a meeting of the abductees' relatives in Tokyo on Sunday. The meetings are held twice a year.

Rancher In China May Have Asked For Wagyu Eggs

Rancher in China may have asked for wagyu eggs

Investigative sources say an official of a company operating a ranch in China is suspected of asking a Japanese man to export fertilized eggs of premium wagyu beef cattle.

Japanese police arrested Osaka-based restaurant owner Yusuke Maeda and his acquaintance Toshiki Ogura earlier this month.

Joc President Likely To Have To Retire

JOC president likely to have to retire

NHK has learned that the head of the Japanese Olympic Committee will likely have to retire without serving another term as French authorities are investigating him in connection with allegations of corruption.

The JOC is set to choose its new president in biennial internal voting in June.

Canon Confirms Future Eos R Cameras Will Have Ibis

Canon Confirms Future EOS R Cameras Will Have IBIS

Having a steady hand while taking photos can mean the difference between a photo that is perfectly sharp and one that is blurred. Since it can be difficult to remain perfectly still all the time, that’s where image stabilization tech comes into play. The good news is that if you are planning on buying a Canon EOS R camera, Canon has confirmed that in-body image stabilization (IBIS) will be a feature on future cameras.

This is according to an interview that Amateur Photographer did at CP+ where the publication managed to speak to several Canon executives. When the topic of IBIS was brought up, Canon’s execs confirmed that this would be a feature that photographers will be able to expect in future cameras.

High-speed Ferry May Have Hit Whale

High-speed ferry may have hit whale

The Japan Coast Guard suspects a jetfoil ferry boat collided with a whale. A crewmember claims to have spotted a large, white object in the water moments before impact.

The collision occurred on Saturday afternoon while the vessel was travelling from Niigata port to Sado Island. Eighty people were injured, 13 seriously.

Sony Mobile Might Have Exited Another Market

Sony Mobile Might Have Exited Another Market

Sony recently took the wraps off a bunch of new phones at MWC 2019, including a flagship and a handful of mid-rangers. Unfortunately for our readers in Australia, it seems that you might not be able to get your hands on them as the company has seemingly exited the Australian market. This is according to a report from Ausdroid who spoke to various retailers.

They also cite how back in early 2018, they were able to reach out to Sony Mobile’s PR firm in Australia easily, but that changed in the later part of the year where the PR team no longer represented the company, and that they have since been also unable to contact their Sony Mobile contacts.

Here's Why Xperia Cameras Have Never Lived Up To Their Potential

Here's why Xperia cameras have never lived up to their potential

It's a mystery that has perplexed Sony Xperia fans for many years – why does Sony, who has so much imaging prowess though their camera division, produce Xperia smartphones where the camera performance is sub-par versus the competition. Well, according to a TrustedReviews interview with Adam Marsh, Senior Manager of Global Marketing, the answer is likely one that we should have expected all along.

Abe Hopes Summit Will Have Positive Results

Abe hopes summit will have positive results

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has expressed hope that the US-North Korea summit will have a positive outcome that will help to achieve a nuclear-free world.

Abe told a Diet committee on Thursday that North Korea's nuclear and missile programs are a huge threat to Japan, and the government has made its stance clear to the United States.

3,000 Structures In Japan Have Ship Collision Risk

3,000 structures in Japan have ship collision risk

Japanese officials say more than 3,000 facilities and structures nationwide could potentially be struck by ships being blown about by a strong wind. At least 360 cases of drifting ships were reported across Japan last year.

The Japan Coast Guard put together a list of such places after a tanker set adrift by a typhoon seriously damaged an access bridge for Kansai Airport in Osaka Bay, western Japan, last September.

Minister: Survey Change May Have Affected Pay Data

Minister: Survey change may have affected pay data

Japan's labor minister says excluding data on daily workers from a jobs survey may explain why official statistics showed a rise in wages.

Labor Minister Takumi Nemoto was speaking at the Lower House budget committee on Thursday regarding problems with the ministry's monthly survey.

Mother May Have Been Domestic Violence Victim

Mother may have been domestic violence victim

A Japanese mother arrested for alleged involvement in injuring her daughter who subsequently died may have been a victim of domestic violence by her husband.

Nagisa Kurihara's 10-year-old daughter, Mia, was found dead last month in the bathroom of an apartment in Chiba Prefecture near Tokyo.

Canon Might Have A Pro-grade 100mp Eos R Camera In The Works

Canon Might Have A Pro-Grade 100MP EOS R Camera In The Works

Last year Canon announced their new mirrorless camera efforts with the EOS R. However compared to Nikon’s announcement, Canon’s announcement was a little less exciting. It turns out that this could be because the current EOS R that was launched was designed to be a mid-range model, and that the company has a pro-grade model in the works.

A new report from Canon Rumors and Northlight has revealed that Canon definitely has something high-end in the works, which apparently could be an EOS camera that sports a crazy 100MP sensor along with IBIS (in-body image stabilization). Apparently the use of the 100MP sensor had previously been planned for a successor of the EOS 5DS/R, which apparently was scrapped in favor of the high-end EOS R.