Health Ministry Warns Travelers Of Ebola Risk

Health ministry warns travelers of Ebola risk

Japanese health authorities are warning people who travel to central Africa to stay away from areas where cases of Ebola have been reported.

An outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo has killed more than 1,600 people since last August, mostly in North Kivu province. Earlier this month, a woman who traveled to neighboring Uganda was found to have been infected.

Suntory Targets China's Health-conscious Consumers

Suntory targets China's health-conscious consumers

Japanese beverage firm Suntory Holdings is launching a health food business in China to meet growing demand.

Sources say the company has entered into a joint venture in Shanghai with Citic, China's government-affiliated conglomerate.

G20 Ministers To Discuss Universal Health Care

G20 ministers to discuss universal health care

While G20 leaders are meeting in Osaka, their finance and health ministers will be holding a separate session to discuss global health issues.

Japan plans to call for stronger ties between G20 financial and health authorities to achieve universal health coverage, or UHC, throughout the world.

Fm Kono Cancels Duties Due To Poor Health

FM Kono cancels duties due to poor health

Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Kono has canceled his official duties on Friday because of poor health.

The Foreign Ministry says that Kono was diagnosed on Thursday with pyelonephritis, a condition triggered by a bacterial infection of the kidneys.

Health Officials Urge Careful Use Of New Flu Drug

Health officials urge careful use of new flu drug

Japanese health officials are urging those using a new influenza drug to carefully consider both its advantages and shortcomings.

The influenza medication "baloxavir marboxil," whose commercial name is "xofluza," went on sale in Japan last March. A single oral dose is said to be effective.

Matsui Jurina Not Participating In Akb48's 53rd Single Due To Poor Health

Matsui Jurina not participating in AKB48's 53rd single due to poor health

Despite taking the top spot in the '10th AKB48 World General Election,' Matsui Jurina will not be participating in the group's 53rd single "Sentimental Train" (September 19 release) due to her poor health. 

The announcement was made on King Records' official website on August 3. Since the senbatsu members for this single were chosen by the fans, they said it was a "very difficult decision." Instead of postponing the single's release, they decided to go on as scheduled as there are "many fans waiting for this single."

Akb48's Hirano Hikaru To Halt Her Activities Due To Poor Health

AKB48's Hirano Hikaru to halt her activities due to poor health

AKB48's Hirano Hikaru (Team 8 & 4) will be halting her activities due to her poor health. 

Hirano had been in poor health for some time now and will be focusing on recuperating during her break. During her hiatus, she will not be using her private email as well as her social media accounts. In addition, she will not be participating in Team 8's event 'TOYOTA presents AKB48 Team 8 Zenkoku Tour ~47 no Suteki na Machi e~ Team 8 Sekkei 4 Shunen Kinensai in Nippon Gaishi Hall Shiawase no Eight Matsuri.'

Nmb48's Ota Yuuri To Go On Temporary Hiatus Due To Poor Health

NMB48's Ota Yuuri to go on temporary hiatus due to poor health

It's been announced that NMB48 member Ota Yuuri will go on a temporary hiatus due to her poor health condition. 

Ota had not been feeling well the past few months so she requested that she take a break from her activities. She commented, "I will come back once my condition has stabilized, so please wait for me a little while."

Nokia Sees No Place At Home For 'struggling' Digital Health Business

Nokia Sees No Place At Home For ‘Struggling’ Digital Health Business

Nokia recently announced that it has put its digital health business under strategic review. That means Nokia is considering its options which may or may not include the division being shut down or being sold to another company. A leaked memo from the company reveals that Nokia doesn’t see a place at home for its “struggling” digital health business.

Nokia's chief strategy officer Kathrin Buvac told employees in a memo that Nokia’s digital health business has “struggled to scale and meet its growth expectations."

Nokia Could Possibly Sell Its Digital Health Business

Nokia Could Possibly Sell Its Digital Health Business

Withings, the French wearables company, was acquired by Nokia last year after the company announced its intention to buy Withings in 2016. It joined the company and came to be known as Nokia Health. The new division came out with new products one of which was the Nokia Sleep that we saw at CES 2018 in January. However, Nokia could possibly end up selling its Digital Health business because the company has confirmed today that it has begun a strategic review of the business to consider its options.

The company has announced today that it has started a strategic review of options for its Digital Health business. The division’s portfolio includes both consumer and enterprise products. It manufactures and sells a variety of hybrid smartwatches, scales, and digital health devices.

Juicy Health Benefits Seen As Path To Reversing Decline In Fruit Consumption In Japan

Juicy health benefits seen as path to reversing decline in fruit consumption in Japan

At the Komaba Festival at the University of Tokyo's Komaba campus in late November 2017, a line of people at a mandarin tasting event sponsored by the university's Mikan Fan Club extended out into the corridor. Students explained the origins of different varieties of "mikan," as the fruit is known in Japanese, and their various taste characteristics. Participants tried six different types of mandarin and then tried to guess the variety.

Among the participants was a group of four women in their 40s and 50s. "I think this is a Mie Prefecture mandarin," "This is sweet, isn't it?" the women remarked as they eagerly sampled the fruit. In the past, they said, they used to buy mandarins by the box, but now they just buy nets containing only a few mandarins each. There are various reasons for this.

Health-minded Adults Stir Trend In Powdered Milk

Health-minded adults stir trend in powdered milk

By Sanae Nokura / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff WriterAdults can now enjoy powdered milk products just for them, presented in similar packages to those for babies but featuring a wide range of nutrients and various flavors. Powdered milk geared toward adults appears to be most popular among health-conscious middle-aged and elderly people, who drink it with their daily meals.

"I mix it with [ordinary] milk," said a company executive in his 40s in Minato Ward, Tokyo. "It tastes richer."