Forecasting Sea Temperatures With Help Of Turtles

Forecasting sea temperatures with help of turtles

A Japanese research group has developed a method that increases the accuracy of predicting long-term seawater temperatures by collecting data with the help of turtles.

Researchers from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, and elsewhere, installed sea temperature sensors on five turtles, which went ashore in Indonesia to lay eggs.

Naha Seeks Govt. Help To Rebuild Shuri Castle

Naha seeks govt. help to rebuild Shuri Castle

The city of Naha in Japan's southern prefecture of Okinawa has sought central government help to rebuild Shuri Castle, which was devastated by a fire last month.

Naha Mayor Mikiko Shiroma submitted a written request to Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga at their meeting in Tokyo on Monday.

Sony's New Coding And Robotics Kit Will Help Kids Learn About Technology

Sony's New Coding And Robotics Kit Will Help Kids Learn About Technology

While we wait for more educational institutions and governments to maybe put that into practice, in the meantime, it seems that Sony is laying the foundations of educational tools by announcing the KOOV Trial Kit, the company’s second coding, robotics, and design kit to its STEAM education offerings.

This follows the launch of the KOOV Educator Kit which was launched back in 2018, and has been designed to be an abbreviated take on the kit, where it would introduce core skills in coding, robotics, and design. This will help students develop the necessary basic skills as well as the thought processes behind it.

High-tech Help For Typhoon Volunteers

High-tech help for typhoon volunteers

Volunteers assisting with recovery efforts after flooding caused by Typhoon Hagibis earlier this month have got the help of some robots to take the strain.

The center of Daigo Town in Ibaraki Prefecture north of Tokyo was submerged after the typhoon caused a river to burst its banks. A local venture business that developed a wearable lumbar-type labor support device has lent six of them to the town's volunteer center.

Fujitsu Develops Ai System That Can Help Judges Score Gymnastic Events

Fujitsu Develops AI System That Can Help Judges Score Gymnastic Events

When it comes to judging sports, there have been numerous systems developed over the years to help humans come to certain decisions. For example, slow-motion/instant replay camera systems have been created so that certain moments can be viewed again to determine if a play was a foul or if it was legit, and so on.

However, Fujitsu wants to take things to the next level by developing an AI and 3D sensing system that could help judges to score the difficulty in gymnastics routines. This system was jointly developed with the International Gymnastics Federation and will be used alongside the Instant Replay and Control System.

Toyota Is Using Virtual Reality To Help Teach Robots

Toyota Is Using Virtual Reality To Help Teach Robots

Unlike humans, robots do not come with the ability to think for themselves. This means that what a robot can do is pretty much what its creator has programmed it to do. While this is useful in factories on the assembly line where a robot might only have a few things to do, it becomes less useful when interacting with the real world.

Robots caretakers is expected to be a thing of the future, and to help that development along, Toyota Research Institute has adopted a unique approach to the problem by using virtual reality (VR) to teach robots skills it would need to be useful around a home. According to TRI’s senior manager Jeremy Ma, the reason for using VR is that because all homes are unique and it would be impossible to create a single set of instructions that would fit all households.

Volunteers Help With Repairs As Next Typhoon Nears

Volunteers help with repairs as next typhoon nears

Volunteers are helping residents in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, patch up roofs damaged by Typhoon Faxai as another typhoon approaches Japan.

More than 100 volunteers gathered in Tateyama City on Saturday, the first day of a three-day weekend.

Volunteers Help Out In Saga After Record Downpour

Volunteers help out in Saga after record downpour

Volunteers have gathered in four cities and towns in Saga Prefecture, southern Japan, to join a clean-up effort after record rain deluged homes and businesses.

In Takeo City, people began signing up at a disaster volunteer center from 9 a.m., and were soon helping residents pull damaged tatami mat flooring and furniture out of homes.

Japan Is Selling Special Uv Ink Stamps To Help Mark Perverts On Trains

Japan Is Selling Special UV Ink Stamps To Help Mark Perverts On Trains

When it comes to personal safety, there are plenty of things that we can buy to help keep ourselves safe in public. For example, you can buy mace/pepper spray to fend off attackers, or there are also whistles and devices that emit loud and shrill noises to deter attackers or to bring attention to yourself.

However, over in Japan, a stationery company based in Nagoya by the name of Shachihata has started to sell something called the Anti-Nuisance Stamp. This is a stamp that uses UV ink that marks the person it has been stamped on, similar to how some clubs use UV ink mark patrons who enter their establishment.

Japan, China, S.korea To Help Other Asian Nations

Japan, China, S.Korea to help other Asian nations

The foreign ministers of Japan, China and South Korea have agreed to promote cooperation for other countries in Asia in such areas as environmental conservation and disaster risk reduction.

Taro Kono of Japan, Wang Yi of China and Kang Kyung-wha of South Korea drew up a paper on "Trilateral+X" cooperation at their meeting in Beijing on Wednesday.

Japan's Govt. Considering Help For Kyoto Animation

Japan's govt. considering help for Kyoto Animation

The Japanese government is considering helping the animation studio in Kyoto that suffered a deadly arson attack to recover. The government responded to a call from a nonpartisan group of lawmakers.

The group promoting animation production says many talented animators were killed in the arson attack on the Kyoto Animation studio on July 18. It is calling on the government to urgently take all possible measures to rescue the studio and its surviving staff from their plight.

Japan Asks Mongolia To Help With Abduction Issue

Japan asks Mongolia to help with abduction issue

Japan's foreign minister has asked his Mongolian counterpart for help in resolving the issue of Japanese nationals kidnapped by North Korea.

Taro Kono and Damdin Tsogtbaatar held talks in Ulaanbaatar. Kono is the first Japanese Foreign Minister to visit Mongolia in nine years. The nation has longstanding friendly ties with North Korea.

Android Q's Focus Mode Will Help Users Cut Out Distractions

Android Q's Focus Mode Will Help Users Cut Out Distractions

We spend an obscene amount of time on our phones on a daily basis to the point where for some, the endless stream of messages and notifications from social media can be extremely distracting when it comes to getting work done. However, Google is here to help with a new feature in Android Q called Focus Mode.

With Focus Mode, users will be able to hit the pause button on apps that they don’t want to be distracted by. This means that if you’re trying to cut out messages or notifications from social media during your working hours or while you’re at school, Focus Mode will let you do that. It will also give users the option to allow the notifications for other apps to come through, so you’ll get to control what you see.

Japan To Help Infrastructure Dev. In Asia Pacific

Japan to help infrastructure dev. in Asia Pacific

Japan's Finance Minister says the country will actively support infrastructure development in countries of the Asia Pacific region which are prone to natural disasters.

Taro Aso spoke on the importance of disaster preparedness during the Asian Development Bank's annual conference in the South Pacific country of Fiji.