Here's Why Xperia Cameras Have Never Lived Up To Their Potential

Here's why Xperia cameras have never lived up to their potential

It's a mystery that has perplexed Sony Xperia fans for many years – why does Sony, who has so much imaging prowess though their camera division, produce Xperia smartphones where the camera performance is sub-par versus the competition. Well, according to a TrustedReviews interview with Adam Marsh, Senior Manager of Global Marketing, the answer is likely one that we should have expected all along.

Here's An Evolutionary Approach To Subaru's Second-gen Brz

Here's An Evolutionary Approach To Subaru's Second-Gen BRZ

After some uncertainty and a number of reports announcing the BRZ’s death, Subaru recently confirmed that its compact sports car will live through to a second generation. Limited details about the next-gen BRZ are known but the following clip offers one take on how the car may look.

2019 Lexus Es Is Coming On April 25, Here's Everything We Know

2019 Lexus ES Is Coming On April 25, Here's Everything We KnowThere is change on the horizon for the Lexus range. Buyers are flocking to SUV's and two of their mid-size luxury saloons are fighting against each other in the showroom. Unfortunately for RWD fans, the sportier GS is getting trounced in sales by the front wheel drive ES.

As a result, the GS is rumored to meet the chopping block, with the ES taking over as the luxury automaker's sole mid-size sedan. So what will the next-generation ES look like? Let's investigate further.