Mitsubishi Had A Shockingly Good Year In The U.s., And Here's Why

Mitsubishi had a shockingly good year in the U.S., and here's why

The year 2017 was a very good one for Mitsubishi in the United States. For the first time since 2007, the company sold more than 100,000 cars and crossovers here. Most of the credit goes to the Outlander, which sold just over 8,700 more examples this year than in 2016 for a total of 35,310. It was also the overall bestseller for the company in America. Its slightly smaller cousin, the Outlander Sport, was the second-best with 33,160 units, a number that barely changed from 2016.

Also interesting to note is that each of Mitsubishi's crossovers roughly equaled the total number of traditional car sales, which include the last Lancers, Evos and i-MiEVs, as well as the Mirage hatch and Mirage G4 sedan. The Lancer actually did all right considering it was phased out in the middle of last year, selling over 12,000 units, almost as many as in 2016. Mirage hatchback sales dropped quite significantly at just over 6,000, but Mirage G4 sedan sales increased by roughly the same amount.

Here's A Better Look At The New Suzuki Jimny

Here's A Better Look At The New Suzuki Jimny

Five weeks after images of the new Suzuki Jimny leaked online thanks to an internal company presentation, Indian Autos Blog has taken those pictures, sharpened them up and given them some color to provide us with an accurate look at the four-gen model.

Rendered in three-door guise, the similarities between the new Jimny and the outgoing model are immediately noticeable. For example, it includes a small front grille with vertical slats but now has round headlights, turn signals, and fog lights. The proportions of the new car also look similar to the old one but the body panels are noticeably less curved and feature sharper and more pointed corners.

Here's What You Can Expect From An Acura Mdx Long Term

Here's What You Can Expect From An Acura MDX Long Term

While it's nice to always know which car handles the best and which has more advanced and easier to use on-board tech, ownership costs can be just as important when buying new.

With that in mind, Kelley Blue Book drove this 2016 Acura MDX for a whole year, putting more than 24,000 miles (38,624 km) on the clock, and what they found was a very reliable product.

Ces 2014 : Here's Sharp's 85-inch 8k Tv With Glasses-free 3d

CES 2014 : Here's Sharp's 85-inch 8K TV with glasses-free 3DIt's so big and bright that it wasn't hard to find inside Sharp's booth, even when surrounded by a sea of other televisions from the manufacturer. What you see above, folks, is an 85-inch, 8K glasses-free 3D TV from Sharp. This behemoth, ultra-high-res display is rather similar to the one from CES 2013, save for the fact you can enjoy three-dimensional content without any eye hardware.

Here's The Retail Packaging For Sony Playstation 4 And Its Many Accessories

Here's the retail packaging for Sony PlayStation 4 and its many accessoriesYou probably could've guessed, but the retail box for the PlayStation 4 rocks the same blue and white color scheme Sony's been employing for some time now. That box and the packaging for the DualShock 4, its charger, the PlayStation 4 Eye, and the console's vertical stand (yes, seriously) were all revealed on PlayStation Europe community manager Chris Owen's Twitter account earlier today, and they all look like pieces of one big family.

Sony Community Seeking Rockstar Experts, Here’s How To Become One

Sony Community seeking rockstar experts, here’s how to become oneSony’s support Community just launched a cool new feature that allows users to earn “stage cred” for their activity on the site.
This new, real-time ranking structure lets you work your way from a newbie status of Tuning Up to high-velocity, Chart Buster status. The more you perform, the better you fare against your peers. And when you’ve outplayed them all – when the pros start coming to YOU for advice and feedback – you know you’ve hit it big. That’s when you’ve earned the ultimate badge of honor – Rock Star.