Sony Alpha A57 Sneak Peak , Rumored To Be Released This Week

Sony Alpha A57 sneak peak , rumored to be released this weekThe first press image of the latest Sony Alpha camera, the A57, has been released along with some specs and a rumored release date.

The upcoming Sony Alpha A57 is a DSLT, featuring a translucent mirror, but has scaled back specs to target a lower price bracket.

Toshiba Satellite P8 Series Upgrades Explored

Toshiba Satellite P8 Series upgrades exploredWith our new for 2012 Satellite P8 series, we've created the ultimate mobile media centres. Packing an unmatched blend of great looks and high-powered performance, they offer a combination that's hard to beat.

Available in a choice of 15 or 17-inch models, you can choose the perfect size for your needs. And with their smooth and stylish designs, you can be sure that they're some of the best-looking laptops around.

Visible-light Communication Projector Adds Information To The Projected Image

Visible-Light Communication Projector Adds Information To The Projected ImageAt the University of Tokyo, the Naemura Group is researching interactive ways of presentating information, using a projector that communicates through visible light.

A visible-light communication projector can add information to the projected image, by making each pixel in the image flash at high speed. Because the flashing occurs 10,000 times per second, the display appears normal to the human eye. But if you place a light-receiving device near the picture, the device can read information from the different flashing patterns made by each pixel.

Toshiba L8 Series : Mainstream Laptops Just Got A Little Smoother

Toshiba L8 Series : Mainstream laptops just got a little smootherWhen it comes to buying the best laptop for everyday computing, our Satellite range effortlessly packs all you need. And with the latest updates adding a new touch of style and resilience, they just got even better.

With our new 2012 Satellite L8 series, we've crafted a gorgeous line of laptops to suit every need, taste and budget. Combining striking looks, with unbeatable usability and features, the range has a laptop for everyone.

Toshiba Satellite C8 Series : Refining And Defining Entry-level Laptops

Toshiba Satellite C8 Series : Refining and defining entry-level laptopsWhen you want the best family laptop you can find, at a price that won't break the bank, little beats our new 2012 Satellite C8 series, offering a mix of style, usability and features that you won't find anywhere else.

Available in a choice of silver, white, red or black, you can find exactly the right look for your taste and take home a laptop with bags more flair than most entry-level machines.

Kyocera Synthetic Opal Used For Casio Popular Women Wristwatch

KYOCERA Synthetic Opal Used for CASIO Popular Women WristwatchKyocera Corporation (President: Tetsuo Kuba; herein "Kyocera") today announced that the company's uniquely developed synthetic opal material — called "Kyoto Opal" in the Japanese market — has been utilized for the new SHW-1503D model of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.'s (herein "Casio") SHEEN lineup of women's watches. The new product will go on sale by Casio from April 6 in Japan, and then will be marketed in China and Korea.

Kyocera Provides Pv Batteries For Uk 1st Zero-carbon Church

Kyocera Provides PV Batteries for UK 1st Zero-carbon ChurchKyocera Corp provided its photovoltaic (PV) battery modules for a project to renovate St. Michael and All Angels Church in Withington, the UK.

For the project, biomass power generation (38kW) using wood pellets and PV power generation (3.12kW) were used. Kyocera provided the modules for the PV power generation.

Wacom Dtu-2231 Interactive Display

Wacom DTU-2231 Interactive DisplayThe full HD (1920 x 1080) interactive pen display is an optimal choice for people who use applications that benefit from working with pen directly on a large, wide-format screen. It can be utilized for redlining and signing documents, annotating and sharing presentations, completing forms, creating hand-drawn imagery, and capturing handwritten notes.

Playstation Dust 514: New Vehicle Roles And Characteristics

Playstation DUST 514: New Vehicle Roles and CharacteristicsSince DUST 514 traces its lineage to EVE Online, we wanted to give it the same rich combat environment that EVE Online has when it comes to vehicle classes and roles. For example, in EVE Online there are ships that share the same hull (and thus the same look) but have very different performance envelopes. This will be true in DUST 514 as well with vehicles that will share the same chassis or hull class but depending on their roles and level of technology, offer very different battlefield characteristics.

Sony Headphones Tear Down : Taking Apart The Xba Earbuds Video

Sony Headphones Tear Down : Taking Apart the XBA Earbuds VideoOur new Balanced Armature in-ear headphone series has been heralded by audiophiles  for the incredible sound resolution. Nothing beats hearing how good they sound firsthand, except maybe tearing a pair apart to show you exactly how cool the technology is!! Our SGNL by Sony team had the chance to meet a member of the headphones team where he showed us the inside guts.

Nec Prototypes 0.3mm-thick Organic Rechargeable Battery

NEC Prototypes 0.3mm-thick Organic Rechargeable BatteryNEC Corp announced that it has prototyped an "organic radical battery" with a thickness of 0.3mm.

An organic radical battery is a battery that uses an organic radical compound for its electrode active material. A gel-like flexible electrode is formed by impregnating a composite positive electrode consisting of an organic radical compound and carbon fibers with electrolyte. Charging and discharging are done by oxidation-reduction reaction at the radical part.

Mitsubishi New Product Enables To Use Power Stored In Ev Battery

Mitsubishi New Product Enables to Use Power Stored in EV BatteryMitsubishi Motors Corp developed a power supply unit capable of extracting power from a battery that drives an electric vehicle (EV) and using the power for a device outside the EV.

The unit, "MiEV Power Box," is scheduled to be released April 27, 2012. It can be connected to Mitsubishi Motors' "i-MiEV" and "Minicab-MiEV" EVs. The company expects that the unit will be used for supplying power to a home appliance, etc in a time of emergency or outside the home.

Toshiba Qosmio X870 : A Passion For Gaming Re-imagined

Toshiba Qosmio X870 : A passion for gaming re-imaginedFollowing the huge success of the Toshiba Qosmio X770 gaming laptop in 2011, we’ve taken all that made it our flagship HD entertainment machine and fine-tuned it for 2012 with the stunning new Toshiba Qosmio X870. Are you ready for the next level in gaming? Read on to find out more.