Tokyo Girls' Style Reveal Short Pv For 'hikaru Yo'

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE reveal short PV for 'Hikaru yo'

TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE have revealed the PV for their new song "Hikaru yo." 

"Hikaru yo" will be released together with "Reborn" as the group's double A-side single on February 27. In the PV, the girls do a formation dance with four dancers who were selected from a back dancer audition. On the PV, Shoji Mei commented, "We shot the dance scene for the first time with 8 people, so it's more powerful than usual, and is a music video worth seeing."

Listen To Utada Hikaru & Skrillex's Collaboration Song 'face My Fears'

Listen to Utada Hikaru & Skrillex's collaboration song 'Face My Fears'

A 90-second clip of Utada Hikaru and Skrillex's collaboration song "Face My Fears," both the Japanese and English versions, have been uploaded to YouTube. 

As previously reported, "Face My Fears" will serve as the opening theme for the popular game software 'KINGDOM HEARTSⅢ' and will be released as the singer's new single on January 18. The jacket cover for the single, which has also been revealed at this time, was illustrated by the 'Kingdom Hearts' series director Nomura Tetsuya. He previously illustrated Utada back in 2014 for the promotion for 'Utada Hikaru to Uta.'

Utada Hikaru Releases 'too Proud' Featuring 3 Asian Rappers

Utada Hikaru releases 'Too Proud' featuring 3 Asian rappers

Utada Hikaru, who will be kicking off her nationwide tour tonight at Yokohama Arena, has digitally released a new song "Too Proud featuring XZT, Suboi, EK (L1 Remix)" via music subscription and distribution services. 

This is a remix of "Too Proud featuring Jevon", which was included in the singer's new album "Hatsukoi" released back in June. In the album, this song features London rapper Jevon, while this new version features China's XZT, Vietnam's Suboi, and South Korea's EK. The "L1 Remix" in the title stands for "Language1 Remix," as each artist participates in the song in their native language. 

Utada Hikaru And Skrillex Collaborate For 'kingdom Hearts Iii' Opening Theme

Utada Hikaru and Skrillex collaborate for 'KINGDOM HEARTS III' opening theme

Utada Hikaru and Skrillex have collaborated for the song "Face My Fears", which will serve as the opening theme for 'KINGDOM HEARTS III.' 

It's already been announced that Utada's song "Chikai" will be used as the theme song for the new game. Utada, who knew that Skrillex was a fan of the 'KINGDOM HEARTS' series,  had originally asked him to make a remix of "Chikai." However, Skrillex expressed his wishes of working on a new song together rather than doing a remix. Poo Bear, who often works with Skrillex on his works, also participated in producing the song. 

Utada Hikaru, Elephant Kashimashi, Obukuro Nariaki And More Nominated For 'cd Shop Awards 2019'

Utada Hikaru, Elephant Kashimashi, Obukuro Nariaki and more nominated for 'CD Shop Awards 2019'

The CD Shop Awards executive committee have revealed the nominated works of the first half for 'The 11th CD Shop Awards 2019.'

'CD Shop Awards' is an annual music awards event that choose winners by votes from sales clerks of CD stores all across Japan. The nominated works of the first half were chosen among Japanese original albums that were released during January 1st to June 30th of 2018. 

Utada Hikaru To Release Analog Version Of 'hatsukoi'

Utada Hikaru to release analog version of 'Hatsukoi'

Utada Hikaru will release an analog version of her latest album "Hatsukoi" on November 7. 

"Hatsukoi" has been seeing favorable sales both physically and digitally after its release on June 27. The analog version, which will be released in response to fans' requests, will be a limited edition item with mastering done by Bernie Grundman Mastering Hollywood's Chris Bellman. This is the singer's first analog version of an album since "DEEP RIVER" in 2002. 

Utada Hikaru, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Sandaime J Soul Brothers, And More Announced For 'ongaku No Hi'

Utada Hikaru, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Sandaime J Soul Brothers, and more announced for 'Ongaku no Hi'

The first artist line up for TBS' 'Ongaku no Hi' has been announced. 

'Ongaku no Hi' started back in 2011 after the Great Tohoku Earthquake. Twenty-three artists have been announced at this time, and they are Utada Hikaru, EXILE, Kayama Yuzo, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, CHEMISTRY, Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE, SEKAI NO OWARI, DA PUMP, Nishino Kana, Perfume, Porno Graffitti, Momoiro Clover Z, and WANIMA. The program will be broadcast from different locations including Akasaka, Hokkaido, Fukushima, Hiroshima, Okinawa, and Taiwan. 

Utada Hikaru Announce Release Of 7th Original Album + Tour

Utada Hikaru announce release of 7th original album + tour

Utada Hikaru has announced the release of her seventh original album "Hatsukoi" on June 27. 

This album comes a year and nine months since "Fantome" was released in September of 2016. It will contain a total of 12 songs including "Oozora de Dakishimete," "Forevermore," "Anata," "Chikai," and "Hatsukoi," as well as "Play A Love Song," which was digitally released on April 25.  

Akb48's Hirano Hikaru To Halt Her Activities Due To Poor Health

AKB48's Hirano Hikaru to halt her activities due to poor health

AKB48's Hirano Hikaru (Team 8 & 4) will be halting her activities due to her poor health. 

Hirano had been in poor health for some time now and will be focusing on recuperating during her break. During her hiatus, she will not be using her private email as well as her social media accounts. In addition, she will not be participating in Team 8's event 'TOYOTA presents AKB48 Team 8 Zenkoku Tour ~47 no Suteki na Machi e~ Team 8 Sekkei 4 Shunen Kinensai in Nippon Gaishi Hall Shiawase no Eight Matsuri.'

Utada Hikaru To Digitally Release 2 New Songs

Utada Hikaru to digitally release 2 new songs

Utada Hikaru has announced that she will release two digital singles.

The first, titled "Play A Love Song," will be released on April 25. It will be used in the new CM for Suntory's 'Minami Alps no Tenensui Sparking' starring the singer herself. The CM was shot in a snowy mountain and fields. 

Utada Hikaru Divorces Husband Of 4 Years

Utada Hikaru divorces husband of 4 years

It's been reported that Utada Hikaru (35) has divorced her husband. 

Utada remarried an Italian man 8 years her junior in February of 2014 while she was on hiatus. A year later, she gave birth to their son. She was previously married to photographer and movie director Kiriya Kazuaki (49). 

Utada Hikaru Receives Tie-up With New 'hanadan' Drama After 11 Years

Utada Hikaru receives tie-up with new 'HanaDan' drama after 11 years

Utada Hikaru will be in charge of the image song for the TBS drama 'Hana Nochi Hare ~HanaDan Next Season~', which premieres on April 17. 

The last time Utada had a tie-up with the 'HanaDan' series was about 11 years ago when she provided "Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version-" as the image song for 'Hanayori Dango 2 (Returns)' in 2007. Utada, who is a fan of the original manga, received an offer from program producer Setoguchi Katsuaki and wrote a brand new song for the drama. 

Utada Hikaru Reveals New 'kingdom Hearts' Theme Songs

Utada Hikaru reveals new 'Kingdom Hearts' theme songs

The theme song for the highly anticipated 'KINGDOM HEARTS' game has been revealed. 

This was announced at the 'D23 Expo Japan 2018' at Tokyo Disney Resort. As you may already know, Utada has provided "Hikari" ("Simple and Clean") and "Passion" ("Sanctuary") for the previous 'KINGDOM HEARTS' games. For 'KINGDOM HEARTS III' the theme songs will be titled "Chikai" for the Japanese version and "DON'T THINK TWICE" for the English version. You can check out the trailers below. 

Obukuro Nariaki To Make Major Debut With Album Produced By Utada Hikaru

Obukuro Nariaki to make major debut with album produced by Utada Hikaru

It's been revealed that Obukuro Nariaki will be making his major debut from EPIC Record Japan. He will release his first album "Bunriha no Natsu" on April 25.

"Bunriha no Natsu" will be produced by Utada Hikaru as her first time producing a new artist's work. Obukuro was the guest vocalist in Utada's song "Tomodachi" included in her latest album "Fantome."