Rumored Fujifilm X-pro3 Specs Hint At In-body Image Stabilization

Rumored Fujifilm X-Pro3 Specs Hint At In-Body Image Stabilization

Back in 2016, Fujifilm launched one of their latest flagship mirrorless cameras in the form of the X-Pro2. We imagine that following the success of their X-Pro series of cameras amongst those who prefer the rangefinder style, Fujifilm will probably at some point in the future launch the X-Pro3.

Now according to a report from Fuji Addict, they claim to have heard from a source who has since revealed some of the alleged specs of the X-Pro3. This includes the use of a 24MP/26.1MP X-Trans CMOS sensor, the X-processor 4 that comes with a quad CPU, the ability to record 4K video at 60fps, and also weather sealing in a magnesium alloy body.

Emails Hint At Improper Funds Transfer To Ghosn

Emails hint at improper funds transfer to Ghosn

NHK has learned the details of email exchanges that indicate funds from Nissan Motor had been channeled to dummy companies effectively owned by former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn.

Ghosn was arrested for the fourth time earlier this month on suspicion of having some Nissan funds sent from the automaker's dealership in Oman to shell companies in Lebanon.

Nintendo Trademark Filings Hint At New Mobile Games

Nintendo Trademark Filings Hint At New Mobile Games

We know that Nintendo is very interested in creating games for mobile, a narrative that was different several years ago when the company was largely against mobile gaming. Now thanks to recently discovered trademark filings, it appears that Nintendo is interested in bringing more franchises onto mobile.

Based on the filings, it seems that Nintendo has trademarked Metroid: Other M and Super Mario Galaxy. Now these names aren’t new and are actually games Nintendo has launched in the past. However what makes these filings interesting is that they are broadly filed that will cover all bases, including “program for smartphone”, indicating that these are potential titles that Nintendo might be considering for mobile.

New Sony Xperia Hits The Fcc January 2018

New Sony Xperia hits the FCC; strong hint of no 3.5mm headphone jackA new Sony Xperia device has landed at the FCC with ID PY7-21831A. There's not normally much to find in these FCC documents, but it looks like this time might be different. A number of schematics images appear to strongly hint that this could be the first Sony Xperia device to drop the 3.5mm headphone jack, which would be a massive shame if true.

New Trademarks By Lexus Hint At Name For Seven-seat Suv

New Trademarks by Lexus Hint at Name for Seven-Seat SUVLexus has filed to trademark three new names which will likely end up on a new seven-seat SUV from the brand.
The Japanese luxury brand has protected the names UX200, UX250 and UX250h, filed under ‘automobiles.’ While no hints came with the trademark filing, and it is true that some trademarks end up going nowhere, these new names seem like a perfect fit for a new seven-seat SUV that is rumored to arrive at Lexus sometime in late 2016.

Toyota Gives A Sportier Hint To 2014 Land Cruiser With Modellista Edition

Toyota Gives a Sportier Hint to 2014 Land Cruiser with Modellista EditionThe global roll-out of the facelifted 2014 Land Cruiser (Prado or regular wheelbase model) continues with the launch of the tough SUV in its local market of Japan, with Toyota also introducing the Modellista Edition.
Since the cosmetic tweaks and equipment refinements are common for all Land Cruiser Prado models, we'll just take a quick look at the new Japanese market Modellista Edition, which was created by Toyota's in-house tuning firm.

Does This Dealer Leak Hint At A Toyota Corolla Wagon?

Does this dealer leak hint at a Toyota Corolla wagon?A Toyota dealership employee recently stumbled upon the interior lighting schematic drawing you see inset here, which clearly identifies both the "4D" four-door sedan version of the 2014 Corolla, but also a long-roof "5D" car that is unimpeachably a station wagon (click to expand the image). The real question is, is it a Corolla?