More Than 5,2000 Households Still Without Power

More than 5,2000 households still without power

More than 52,000 households in Tokyo and surrounding areas are still without power due to Typhoon Hagibis.

Tokyo Electric Power Company is working to fix transmission facilities damaged by flooding.

Over 90,000 Households In Chiba Without Power

Over 90,000 households in Chiba without power

More than 90,000 households in Chiba Prefecture remained without power as of 4 a.m. on Monday, a week after a severe typhoon.

Tokyo Electric Power Company says work to restore electricity may have to be suspended due to current weather conditions.

More Than 420,000 Households Still Without Power

More than 420,000 households still without power

Hundreds of thousands of households and businesses are still without power near Tokyo, days after the area was slammed by Typhoon Faxai.

Tokyo Electric Power Company issued an update early Wednesday on efforts to restore electricity in Chiba and Kanagawa prefectures.

Many Households Still Without Power

Many households still without power

Over half a million households and businesses mainly in Chiba Prefecture, near Tokyo, remain without power one day after Typhoon Faxai struck.

Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, says the outage continues for about 575,000 households and businesses in Chiba and other prefectures in the Kanto region, and Shizuoka Prefecture, as of 6:30 p.m on Tuesday.

Households On Welfare Hit Record In Fy2017

Households on welfare hit record in FY2017

Japan's welfare ministry says the number of households receiving assistance hit a record high in the fiscal year ending in March 2018.

The ministry puts the monthly average number of households on welfare for fiscal 2017 at 1,640,854. That's up about 3,800 from the figure for the previous fiscal year.

Record Number Of Japanese Households On Welfare

Record number of Japanese households on welfareJapanese government officials say a record number of households are on welfare due to an increase in elderly people who need support.
Welfare ministry officials said the total number of households that received assistance in May stood at more than 1.6 million. That's up about 1,600 from the previous month.

Orix Launch Of Japan’s First Energy Service For Households Using Storage Battery Rental

Orix Launch of Japan’s First Energy Service for Households Using Storage Battery RentalORIX Corporation (hereinafter, "ORIX"), NEC Corporation (hereinafter, "NEC"), and EPCO Incorporated (hereinafter, "EPCO") today announced that joint venture ONE ENERGY CORPORATION (hereinafter, "ONE ENERGY") will launch an energy service for households combining storage battery rental and a smart house app. Pre-orders will be accepted from April 26, 2013 for this service in the service area of Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated (Note 1). ONE ENERGY will push ahead with provision of this service and begin progressively installing batteries from June 1, 2013.