Ghosn's Family Appeals To Un Over Human Rights

Ghosn's family appeals to UN over human rights

A lawyer for the family of Carlos Ghosn has appealed to a UN body that the long-term detention of the ousted Nissan chairman violates his human rights.

Lawyer Francois Zimeray told reporters in Paris on Monday that his team has submitted a dossier to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention.

Group Calls For Better Human Rights In China

Group calls for better human rights in China

Uighurs and members of other Chinese ethnic minorities living in exile have formed a group in Japan to campaign for improvements in human rights in China.

About 100 people, including 10 members of Uighurs, Tibetans and other ethnic minorities, gathered on Friday for the founding of the group in Tokyo.

Tashirojima, Japan Is Home To Some 200 Cats Who Live Alongside Human Residents

Tashirojima, Japan is home to some 200 cats who live alongside human residents

ISHINOMAKI, Miyagi -- Here kitty, kitty! Visitors to Tashirojima Island here will have no trouble finding the fluffy winter coats of the feline inhabitants.

Often called "cat island," Tashirojima, whose perimeter is 11 kilometers, is home to some 200 cats who live alongside human residents, and are no stranger to tourists from both inside and outside of Japan. On a day in mid-December last year, this cat-loving reporter made a visit to the island and its furry citizens.

Human Error Halts Supply Of Ips Cells From Umbilical Blood

Human error halts supply of iPS cells from umbilical bloodKyoto University has halted distribution of some induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells intended for regenerative medicine projects after a manufacturing fault was discovered, setting back its program to produce and stock the cells.
The university’s Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA) cited potential safety risks, saying some of the iPS cells may have been generated by using an incorrect reagent chemical.

No Longer Human Anime Train Runs Through Aomori

No Longer Human anime train runs through AomoriA special train featuring the Osamu Dazai character from the popular “Bungo (literary giant) Stray Dogs” anime series is set for a limited run.
It will journey through the hometown of the literary giant of the same name after whom the character is modeled.

Human Skin Turns Into Display For Biological Information

Human Skin Turns Into Display for Biological InformationA wearable sensor that uses a human arm to display biological information has come much closer to realization.
A research group led by Takao Someya, professor of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, developed a flexible OLED light source as an ultra-thin sheet and succeeded in stably operating it in the atmosphere.

Human Footsteps Generate Electricity In Stairwells

Human footsteps generates electricity in stairwellsAn apartment complex here sports an innovative lighting system that uses the energy from simple human footsteps to generate electricity in stairwells.
The stairs are covered with a piezoelectric material that generates electricity when pressure is applied. The electricity is momentarily stored in a battery before being transmitted to power the lights. The lights can stay on for up to one minute.

Happy Part Of Human Brain Found By Kyoto Scientists

Happy part of human brain found by Kyoto scientistsTap the right side of your head and you are getting close to the source of human happiness.
A region in the right side of the brain is bigger in people who regard themselves as happy compared with those who have a more gloomy outlook, a study by Japanese scientists has revealed.

Fujitsu Takes Systematic Approach To Artificial Intelligence With "human Centric Ai Zinrai"

Fujitsu Takes Systematic Approach to Artificial Intelligence with "Human Centric AI Zinrai"Fujitsu today announced that it is taking its knowledge and technologies for artificial intelligence, cultivated for over 30 years, and structuring them as Human Centric AI Zinrai, which will be incorporated into a range of products and services. Zinrai brings together and systematizes the fields of sensing and recognition, knowledge processing, and decision making and support, as well as the learning and other AI-related technologies and knowledge generated by Fujitsu's R&D that work to refine and grow these areas.

Softbank : Machines 1m Times More Powerful Than Human Brain In 30yrs

Softbank : Machines 1M Times More Powerful Than Human Brain In 30yrsIn Tokyo, Japan, Masayoshi Son shared his vision for the future of robotics and the Internet of Things. He estimates that within 30 years, machines will have hardware which will be 1M times more powerful than the human brain (which is an amazing electro-mechanical computer). At the same time, the Intellectual Quotient (IQ) for computers will top 10,000 – vs 100 for the average human, and around 200 for geniuses such as Leonardo DaVinci or Albert Einstein.