Humans Sense Earth's Magnetic Field, Brain Wave Study Indicates

Humans sense Earth's magnetic field, brain wave study indicates

Migratory birds depend on Earth's magnetic field to navigate, and now there is evidence that humans may be unconsciously in touch with it as well, research shows.

"It appears humans are subconsciously sensing geomagnetism," said Ayumu Matani, a University of Tokyo associate professor of cognitive neuro-engineering and one of the team's researchers. "Earth's magnetic field may be influencing human behavior in some way or other."

Humans Are Controlled By Artificial Intelligence In Man Wish A Mission's Pv For '2045'

Humans are controlled by artificial intelligence in MAN WISH A MISSION's PV for '2045'

The PV for MAN WITH A MISSION's new song "2045" has been uploaded onto YouTube. 

"2045" was included in the band's new album "Chasing the Horizon," which was released on June 6. It's currently the tie-up song to Universal Studio Japan's summer event 'Universal Hands Up Summer.' The PV is set in the year of 2045 when singularity, a point in time when machines are smarter than human beings, is believed to happen. In the PV, humans that are controlled by artificial intelligence take back their emotions after watching MAN WITH A MISSION's live performance. 

Convenience Store Chains Use Machines In Place Of Humans

Convenience store chains use machines in place of humans

Leading convenience store chains have found a way around their labor shortages: Eliminate the need for workers in certain services.

FamilyMart Co., which runs the second most convenience stores in Japan, has set up special vending machines that offer rice balls, sandwiches, salads and sweets.

Beluga Whale Shows Ability To Learn Language Like Humans: Research

Beluga whale shows ability to learn language like humans: research

A beluga whale in Japan has displayed the ability to memorize objects together with the sounds and symbols representing them, and make spontaneous matches, a team of Japanese researchers has announced.

The discovery by scientists including Tsukasa Murayama of Tokai University is said to mark the first time this ability has been confirmed in a creature other than humans.

Sony Making A Robot That Creates ‘emotional Connection’ With Humans

Sony Making A Robot That Creates ‘Emotional Connection’ With HumansSony isn’t new to making robots and the one that it has in the pipeline right now appears to be unlike any robot it has ever built. The company revealed during IFA 2016 in Berlin this week that it’s working on a new robot which is going to be capable of forming an “emotional connection” with humans. This was confirmed during the company’s IFA 2016 press conference by none other the CEO of Sony himself, Kaz Hirai.

Robots Toiling Side By Side With Humans

Robots toiling side by side with humansRobots of all shapes and sizes were showing off their dexterity and prowess in working alongside humans at a trade show in Tokyo on Dec. 2.
The biennial International Robot Exhibition kicked off at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center, with manufacturers displaying robots that can work with human workers on assembly lines and elsewhere, often tackling the most grueling tasks.

Nippon Ceramic : New Infrared Sensor Distinguishes Humans From Objects

Nippon Ceramic : New Infrared Sensor Distinguishes Humans From ObjectsNippon Ceramic Co Ltd developed a sensor that can distinguish between humans and objects and will start to mass-produce it in December 2015.
The sensor detects infrared light emitted from a human body. Also, it measures a distance to the detected object based on the principle of triangulation and prevents misrecognition caused by color or reflectance.

Toyota Kirobo Mini Robot Interacts With Humans

Toyota Kirobo Mini Robot Interacts With HumansToyota has a vision of a future where it sees humans and artificial intelligence working together “for a better world,” that’s the aim it strives to achieve with the Toyota Heart Project which has created the Kirobo Mini robot. It’s a very small robot at just 10cm, Toyota calls it a “high communication companion,” it’s capable of interacting with humans and is small enough to fit inside your car’s cupholder.

'kaiju' Monsters, Humans Drown Sorrows At Kawasaki Pub

'Kaiju' monsters, humans drown sorrows at Kawasaki pubAn “izakaya” pub here provides a place where vanquished evil aliens can lick their wounds, but humans are also certainly welcome there.
The joint, themed on the classic live-action superhero TV series “Ultraman” and its sequels, has been pitched as a reborn version of Kaiju Sakaba pub.

Toyota Retires Robots In Favor Of Humans To Improve Automaking Process

Toyota retires robots in favor of humans to improve automaking processMitsuru Kawai is overseeing a return to the old ways at Toyota factories throughout Japan. Having spent 50 years at the Japanese automaker, Kawai remembers when manual skills were prized at the company and "experienced masters used to be called gods, and they could make anything." Company CEO Akio Toyoda personally chose Kawai to develop programs to teach workers metalcraft such as how to forge a crankshaft from scratch, and 100 workstations that formerly housed machines have been set aside for human training.