Court Rules Blacking Out Of Moritomo Paper Illegal

Court rules blacking out of Moritomo paper illegal

A court in Osaka has ruled that the government's failure to fully disclose a document in connection with a controversial sale of a state-owned land plot was illegal.

The Osaka District Court on Thursday ordered the state to pay about 500 dollars in compensation to a university professor who asked for the disclosure.

Online Illegal Auction Of Possible Uranium Halted

Online illegal auction of possible uranium halted

Police in Japan are investigating the sale of radioactive materials suspected to be depleted uranium.

Investigative sources say officials at the Nuclear Regulation Authority learned in January of last year that powder and solid materials claimed to be uranium were up for sale on an auction site.

Couple To Pay Nintendo $12 Million For Running Illegal Rom Site

Couple To Pay Nintendo $12 Million For Running Illegal ROM Site

There are gamers out there who flat out refuse to pay for games, instead choosing to find various means and methods to get a game for free, even if it results in piracy. Unsurprisingly this has allowed a piracy market to thrive, although it seems that the internet is now free of at least one ROM website.

In a report from TorrentFreak, it seems that a couple who owned the website have reached a settlement agreement with Nintendo, in which they will have to pay $12 million to the company, while admitting to both direct and indirect copyright infringement. Now the amount of $12 million is no small figure to sneeze at, but it seems that the couple had decided that they did not want a long and drawn out court battle that could have potentially resulted in damages greater than $12 million.

Survey: 70% Of Public School Block Walls Illegal

Survey: 70% of public school block walls illegal

An emergency survey by Japan's education ministry has found that nearly 70 percent of concrete block walls at publicly run schools are not up to standard.

The survey was prompted by the death of a 9-year-old girl in Osaka Prefecture. She was crushed to death when a powerful earthquake that hit the western prefecture in June knocked over a concrete block wall at her elementary school.

Ftc Warns Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo Over Illegal Warranty Stickers

FTC Warns Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo Over Illegal Warranty Stickers

Last month we reported that the FTC had announced that those "warranty if removed" stickers you sometimes find on gadgets are actually illegal. This isn't based on a new ruling or recently passed law, but rather it is based on the 1975 Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act that the FTC is just reminding companies about.

The organization had announced that they have issued warnings to six companies about such practices. The names of those companies were not mentioned but according to a report from Motherboard, they have obtained copies of the letters which reveal that the companies that were warned include Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, ASUS, Hyundai, and HTC.

Badminton: Another Japan Player Had Entered Illegal Casino

Badminton: Another Japan player had entered illegal casinoAn additional Japan national team player has admitted to entering an illegal casino, the Nippon Badminton Association revealed Monday.
The association is investigating illegal gambling on the national team after world No. 2 Kento Momota was found to have frequented casinos, which are barred in Japan.

Drill Held To Deal With Illegal Landing On Island

Drill held to deal with illegal landing on islandJapanese police and the coast guard have held a joint drill to prepare for a possible illegal landing by foreigners on a remote Japanese island.
About 240 personnel from the Tokyo police and the Japan Coast Guard took part in Tuesday's drill on Chichijima, one of the Ogasawara Islands in the Pacific.
The area, far south of Tokyo, has been the site of rampant coral poaching by Chinese fishing boats since July last year.

Forestry Minister Faces Illegal Donation Allegations

Forestry minister faces illegal donation allegationsMinister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Koya Nishikawa faces allegations of receiving illegal donations after a company in his home constituency was found to have donated 3 million yen to a Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) chapter he heads.