2017 Chicago Auto Show: Toyota Doubles Down On Truck-tough Image With Trd Models

2017 Chicago Auto Show: Toyota doubles down on truck-tough image with TRD modelsToyota knows what a lot of its truck and SUV customers want: off-road capability, or at least the idea of it. That was on display this week at the Chicago Auto Show, where it revealed Tundra and Sequoia models outfitted with TRD Sport trim and a new model called the RAV4 Adventure. Make no mistake: TRD is big business for Toyota.

Sony Shows Off 3-layer Stacked Smartphone Image Sensor That Can Shoot 1000 Fps At 1080p

Sony shows off 3-layer stacked smartphone image sensor that can shoot 1000 fps at 1080pSony has today announced the development of a 3-layer stacked CMOS image sensor with DRAM for smartphones, making it possible to capture video at 1000 fps. The new chip comes with a DRAM layer in addition to the conventional 2-layer stacked CMOS structure with a back-illuminated layer of photo-sites and a circuit layer for signal processing. The DRAM acts as a temporary buffer for image data that is recorded at very high speeds, before it is put out at normal speed to a conventional image signal processor.

Sony Image Sensor Sales Increase, Camera And Xperia Sales Drop

Sony image sensor sales increase, camera and Xperia sales dropSony has announced its financial results for Q4 2016 and the numbers show that the Japanese company's image sensor division has performed well. Within the semiconductors segment, image sensor sales have increased by 40% year-on-year which is largely due to significantly increased sales of image sensors for mobile devices.

Tamron Develops Image Sensor With 140db Dynamic Range

Tamron Develops Image Sensor With 140dB Dynamic RangeTamron Co Ltd developed an image sensor technology to take clear color images in an environment with an illuminance of 0.003lx.
Its dynamic range (sensitivity) is 140dB. It enables to take a picture in the dark even when an image sensor is irradiated with light from headlamps in an environment darker than starlight, the company said.

200,000 Flowers Create Giant Image Of Obama In Hiroshima

200,000 flowers create giant image of Obama in HiroshimaTwo hundred thousand red, white and blue salvia flowers have been used here to create a giant picture depicting U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to Hiroshima.
“We want this picture to convey the desire for peace from Hiroshima where Obama made the historic visit,” said Tatsuya Ohata, 32, senior managing director of the Sera Yurien lily park.

Toshiba Can Simultaneously Acquire A Color Image And A Depth Map

Toshiba can simultaneously acquire a color image and a depth mapToshiba today announced the development of an imaging technique that can simultaneously acquire a color image and a depth map from a single image taken by a monocular camera. This technique achieves high-precision distance/range detection, comparable to that of a stereo camera, through the combination of a lens device and image processing.