Emails Hint At Improper Funds Transfer To Ghosn

Emails hint at improper funds transfer to Ghosn

NHK has learned the details of email exchanges that indicate funds from Nissan Motor had been channeled to dummy companies effectively owned by former Nissan Motor chairman Carlos Ghosn.

Ghosn was arrested for the fourth time earlier this month on suspicion of having some Nissan funds sent from the automaker's dealership in Oman to shell companies in Lebanon.

Diet To Deliberate Improper Job Statistics

Diet to deliberate improper job statistics

Japan's Lower and Upper House labor committees are expected to meet later this month to discuss faulty job statistics.

The labor ministry has admitted that it has used flawed polling methods for years to compile its monthly labor surveys.

Ministry: Improper Survey Method In Manual

Ministry: Improper survey method in manual

Japan's labor ministry says an improper method for surveying wages and working hours at private-sector companies was included in a manual used in 2004.

The monthly surveys were supposed to cover all large businesses with 500 or more workers. But the ministry was found to have covered only about one third of such firms in Tokyo since 2004.

Labor Minister Apologizes For Improper Data

Labor minister apologizes for improper data

Japan's labor minister has pledged to find out why his ministry kept releasing improper job statistics that apparently led to underpayment of benefits to millions of people.

At a news conference on Friday, Takumi Nemoto offered deep apologies for causing trouble to the public over the ministry's release of statistics compiled through improper methods for years. The data in question cover corporate salaries and working hours surveyed monthly.