Nintendo Launches New Switch With Improved Battery Life

Nintendo Launches New Switch With Improved Battery Life

There’s a new Nintendo Switch available starting today. It’s not new in the sense that it’s a newer generation. Nintendo has simply refreshed the Switch console and says that this particular one comes with improved battery life. This should be an incentive to purchase for those who would like to have more battery backup when they’re out and about with their Switch.

The company says that this new Nintendo Switch model should provide gamers with an additional two hours of battery life. So this brings the usage estimates to between 4.5 and 9 hours, up from the current estimated battery life range of 2.5 and 6.5 hours.

2020 Subaru Outback Gets New-and-improved Roof Rack

2020 Subaru Outback gets new-and-improved roof rack

The next-generation, 2020 Subaru Outback introduced at the New York Auto Show is quite obviously an evolution of the vehicle it replaces. Actually, we wouldn't be surprised if many folks can't tell the difference between the new and previous ones on the outside.

There are many improved elements, however, and one of them is the Outback's unique roof rack system that returns for a third generation. As before, the roof rails swing inward to be their own cross bars. There's therefore no need to mount and remove separate crossbars, or alternatively, keep them on the car where they'll create noise and hurt fuel economy. Considering that so many Subaru owners mount things to the roofs of their cars (bikes, kayaks, gear boxes, skis, tents, etc.), this is one of those things than can really make the Outback stand out from the hordes of compact SUVs out there, including the Forester. The fact that the Outback's roof is lower, and therefore easier to lift thing upon, certainly helps.

Kono Expresses Hope For Improved China Ties

Kono expresses hope for improved China ties

Foreign Minister Taro Kono has indicated Japan's willingness to cooperate with China on infrastructure projects for developing countries.

Kono made the remarks in a speech on Friday at Georgetown University in Washington. He is a graduate of the university.

Gifu City Orders Improved Air Conditioning

Gifu City orders improved air conditioning

Authorities in the city of Gifu, central Japan, have ordered improved air conditioning at a hospital where 5 elderly patients died, apparently from heatstroke.

The 3 men and 2 women aged 83 to 85 died from Sunday to Tuesday at Y&M Fujikake Daiichi Hospital.

Sony Announces New Premium Oled And Led 4k Hdr Tvs With Improved Picture Quality And Enhanced User Experience

Sony Announces New Premium OLED and LED 4K HDR TVs with Improved Picture Quality and Enhanced User Experience

New A8F BRAVIA® OLED 4K HDR TV series and X900F 4K HDR TV series incorporate a powerful mix of Sony picture and processing technologies with new Dolby Vision™ support 

LAS VEGAS January 8, 2018 – 5pm PT (CES, Booth #17300)Sony Electronics announced today two new and expanded 4K HDR television series designed to deliver enhanced color, contrast and clarity. The X900F series and A8F BRAVIA OLED series of Sony TVs make the best use of 4K HDR (High Dynamic Range) content and improves SD and HD content to near 4K HDR quality with the combination of their unique picture processor and panel control technologies.

Nissan Unveils New Leaf Ev With Improved Range

Nissan unveils new Leaf EV with improved range

Nissan Motor Co. unveiled Wednesday a new Leaf electric vehicle which can drive up to 400 kilometers on a single charge.

The new model, to be launched on Oct. 2 in Japan and in January in the United States and Europe, has improved acceleration and performance, according to the automaker.

Sony: New Xperia Concept Release Adds Improved Tap-to-wake And Battery Fixes (mob31e.z1.3657)

Sony: New Xperia Concept release adds improved tap-to-wake and battery fixes (MOB31E.Z1.3657)Sony Mobile released a new firmware update for Xperia Concept users last week, moving the build number to MOB31E.Z1.3657. The update fixes a long-standing issue that many Concept owners have had in the past, where the phone would wake unintentionally if double tap to wake was enabled. An example of this is if the phone was in your pocket, constantly waking the display and draining the battery. Now, the proximity sensor will be checked before tap to wake is enabled, which should avoid any unintentional activation.