Jaxa: Data Indicates Hayabusa2 Has Landed On Ryugu

JAXA: Data indicates Hayabusa2 has landed on Ryugu

Japan's space agency says it has received data suggesting its space probe Hayabusa2 has landed on the asteroid Ryugu. The probe is on an unprecedented mission to collect underground rock samples.

Hayabusa2 began its descent from an altitude of 20,000 meters on Wednesday morning, Japan time.

Humans Sense Earth's Magnetic Field, Brain Wave Study Indicates

Humans sense Earth's magnetic field, brain wave study indicates

Migratory birds depend on Earth's magnetic field to navigate, and now there is evidence that humans may be unconsciously in touch with it as well, research shows.

"It appears humans are subconsciously sensing geomagnetism," said Ayumu Matani, a University of Tokyo associate professor of cognitive neuro-engineering and one of the team's researchers. "Earth's magnetic field may be influencing human behavior in some way or other."

Abe Indicates Intention To Run For 3rd Term

Abe indicates intention to run for 3rd term

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has indicated his intention to run in next month's leadership race of the main governing Liberal Democratic Party and seek a third term.

Abe spoke to supporters after visiting the grave of his late father, former Foreign Minister Shintaro Abe, in the city of Nagato, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Fujifilm Earning Report Indicates Strong Sales Of X-series, Lenses And Gfx 50s

Fujifilm earning report indicates strong sales of X-series, lenses and GFX 50S

Fujifilm's earnings report for the fiscal year ending in March has been published and contains some interesting information on the company's line of consumer imaging products. Sales figures of both X-Series cameras and lenses and the GFX medium format system have increased, according to the report.

'The business of electronic imaging achieved a sales growth due to positive sales of the X-Series of mirrorless digital cameras such as FUJIFILM X-T2 and FUJIFILM X-T20 as well as their interchangeable lenses, and strong sales of the FUJIFILM GFX 50S, a medium-format mirrorless digital camera equipped with a large sized sensor, released in February.'

Nintendo's Stock Market Performance Indicates That The Switch Is Doing Well

Nintendo's Stock Market Performance Indicates That The Switch Is Doing Well

With the Nintendo Wii U flopping, many saw the Nintendo Switch as the company's chance to rebound from their failures. At the start this didn't really seem like the case as the company's stock prices actually took a hit when the pricing of the console was revealed, suggesting that investors weren't impressed.

However fast forward a few months and that tune has changed. According to Bloomberg Quint (via Nintendo Life), it seems that following the release of the Switch, the company's stock has been doing well and actually outperformed the Japanese stock market by 20 points through Thursday.