On-site Inspection Begins At Kyoto Anime Studio

On-site inspection begins at Kyoto anime studio

Police officers and firefighters have begun inspecting the site of an arson attack that killed 33 people in Kyoto, western Japan.

Police and fire department vehicles arrived at the Kyoto Animation studio around 9 a.m. on Friday. Investigators are inspecting the three floors of the building.

Anti-terror Facilities Must Pass Early Inspection

Anti-terror facilities must pass early inspection

Japan's nuclear regulator has decided that it will order nuclear power plants to suspend operations if their new mandatory anti-terror facilities are not completed and have not passed inspections one week before the deadline.

The decision could lead to reactors in Japan that are currently online facing orders to shut down.

Bullet Train Inspection To Take Until Around 10 Pm

Bullet train inspection to take until around 10 PM

The operator of the Kyushu bullet train service says safety inspections following the earthquake will likely continue until around 10 PM.

Kyushu Railway Company suspended Shinkansen bullet train operations between Hakata and Kumamoto stations after the quake hit around 6:10 PM.

Education Board Apologizes For Sloppy Inspection

Education board apologizes for sloppy inspection

The education board of Takatsuki City in Osaka Prefecture has apologized for a sloppy safety check of a concrete block wall that collapsed in Monday's earthquake, killing a 9-year-old girl.

The wall adjoined a swimming pool of an elementary school.

Subaru Recalls 395,000 Cars Due To Inspection By Unauthorized Workers

Subaru recalls 395,000 cars due to inspection by unauthorized workers

Subaru Corp. filed a recall of some 395,000 vehicles Thursday with Japan's transport ministry after it was revealed that the carmaker had allowed unauthorized workers to carry out final tests at two of its plants for over 30 years.

The Japanese carmaker has recalled all nine of its models. The models include the "86" sports car, manufactured by Subaru for Toyota Motor Corp.

Nissan Car Production To Crash On Obeying Inspection Law

Nissan car production to crash on obeying inspection law

Nissan Motor Co.'s hourly vehicle production is likely to drop dramatically after it fixed its vehicle inspection system in accordance with the law.

The reboot took place in response to a scandal in which unauthorized workers performed safety checks on automobiles before shipment, the company said.

Nikon Establishes Demonstration Facility For Non-destructive Inspection

Nikon Establishes Demonstration facility for non-destructive inspection and non-contact 3D metrology systems in Japan - FareastgizmosNikon Instech, a subsidiary company of Nikon today announced the establishment of a demonstration facility in Sakae-ku, Yokohama City, to expand product awareness and increase sales of the non-destructive inspection and non-contact 3D metrology systems. Within the facility, Nikon have installed the Laser Radar, a system capable of non-contact inspection of large-sized structures, such as aircraft parts and automobile body-in-white. Furthermore, each system is available in individual rooms, so that customers may bring in confidential samples to test privately.
Continuous growth is expected of these systems worldwide. Nikon established the new facility to further expose Nikon products to customers in Japan and other regions in Asia. With the opening of the new demonstration facility, Nikon hopes to increase Nikon's worldwide presence in the industrial metrology business.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Ultra-thin Robot For Power Generator Inspection

Mitsubishi Electric’s ultra-thin robot for power generator inspectionMitsubishi Electric has developed a 19.9-millimeter-thin inspection robot capable of inspecting a power generator by passing through the narrow gap between the rotor and stator, eliminating the need to remove the rotor. The robot reduces the cost and time of inspections and helps to increase the reliability and availability of power generators. Conventional generators inspections, which are carried out by professionals every four years, require approximately 34 days to complete, in part because the rotor must be removed. Electric power companies have been looking to shorten these inspections as well as improve inspection accuracy to extend the availability of their generators.

Safety Inspection On Track For Hokkaido Shinkansen Line

Safety inspection on track for Hokkaido Shinkansen LineAn inspection train on June 11 started checking for abnormalities on the Hokkaido Shinkansen Line in preparation for the bullet train line’s opening in March 2016.
East Japan Railway Co. (JR East) leased its six-car “East i” train to Hokkaido Railway Co. (JR Hokkaido) for its first run in Japan’s northernmost main island.

Panel Inspection Robot By Atox

Panel Inspection Robot by AtoxA solar panel inspection robot "PV module inspection robot (Fig 1)" is being developed by Atox Co Ltd, with the cooperation of Nagaoka University of Technology, the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and Togami Electric Manufacturing Co Ltd. Atox (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) is engaged in the maintenance of nuclear power plants and provides services related to radioactive materials. The robot is scheduled to be put into practical use within the next fiscal year at the earliest.