Lexus Nx And Rx Crafted Into Special Editions Down Under

Lexus NX And RX Crafted Into Special Editions Down Under

Lexus has widened its offering in Australia with the introduction of the NX and RX Crafted Editions. They build on the Luxury grade and bring exterior enhancements and more kit for AUD $61,806 (USD $43,167) and AUD $79,888 (USD $55,796), respectively.

Researchers Turn Room Into Wireless Charger

Researchers turn room into wireless charger

University researchers are working on technology that turns an entire room into a wireless battery charger for smartphones and other devices.

A team led by Professor Yoshihiro Kawahara of the University of Tokyo ran successful tests of the technology in a specially constructed room.

Nissan E-nv300 Turned Into An Environmentally Friendly Ice Cream Van

Nissan e-NV300 turned into an environmentally friendly ice cream van

When it comes to reducing carbon emissions and other air pollutants, we typically focus on consumer vehicles, but they're far from the only vehicles that could use improvement. In particular, low-speed local vehicles such as buses and delivery vehicles could be excellent targets for electrification. Nissan chose a more fun example, though, in the form of an ice cream van based on the Nissan e-NV200, an electric commercial van available in Europe.

The van uses the same 40-kWh battery and powertrain from regular e-NV200 vans. But from there, it's been outfitted with a swing-open panel on the side to access shelving, freezer space and a soft-serve ice cream dispenser. The ice cream salesperson won't have to worry about eating into range while running this equipment, though. The van also features Nissan ROAM portable battery packs made from used Nissan Leaf batteries. We first saw this battery pack design coupled with a lightweight camper, and Nissan has announced it will put these packs into production for sale this year. As an extra bonus, there are solar panels mounted to the roof to keep things topped up.

Ios 13 Will Turn Iphones Into A Mobile Ps4 Console

iOS 13 Will Turn iPhones Into A Mobile PS4 Console

With the announcement of iOS 13, it was revealed that Apple would finally be bringing support for controllers from the likes of Sony and its DualShock 4 controller used for the PS4 console. However, what some might not have realized and as reported by MacRumors, it seems that this has a bigger implication than we think.

This is because Sony has an app called the Remote Play app that they launched back in March. For those who are unfamiliar with the app, basically what it does is that it lets you stream games from your PS4 to your iPhone over WiFi. This essentially turns your iPhone into a mobile gaming console, but unfortunately, the on-screen controls and also third-party controllers were a less than stellar experience.

Car Drives Into Group Of Daycare Children

Car drives into group of daycare children

A motorist has rammed into a group of more than 10 children from a daycare center in western Japan.

The driver hit the group of 13 children and three caregivers as they were lined up at an intersection in Otsu city on Wednesday morning.

Japanese Startup Sends Rocket Into Space

Japanese startup sends rocket into space

Japanese startup Interstellar Technologies has become the first private firm in the country to send a rocket into space.

The company launched a 10-meter-long rocket at 5:45 a.m. on Saturday from the town of Taiki in Hokkaido.