Ioc Meeting Underway Over Olympic Marathon

IOC meeting underway over Olympic marathon

An International Olympic Committee meeting is underway to discuss whether to move the 2020 Games' marathon and race walking events from Tokyo to Sapporo in northern Japan.

The 3-day meeting kicked off in Tokyo on Wednesday, with officials from the IOC, Tokyo Metropolitan and central governments and the 2020 Games' organizing committee in attendance.

Koike Urges Ioc To Let Tokyo Hold Marathon

Koike urges IOC to let Tokyo hold marathon

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike says Tokyo still wants to host the 2020 Olympics marathon and race walking events that the International Olympic Committee plans to move to the northern city of Sapporo.

Koike met the head of the IOC coordination commission, John Coates, on Friday.

Tokyo Organizers, Ioc To Discuss Venue Change

Tokyo organizers, IOC to discuss venue change

The director general of the organizing committee for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games has indicated that a broad decision on moving the marathon and race walking to Sapporo will be made around the end of the month.

Toshiro Muto spoke to NHK on Thursday after the International Olympic Committee announced it was considering relocating the two events to the northern city to provide cooler conditions for the athletes.

Tokyo Governor Surprised By Ioc Relocation Plan

Tokyo governor surprised by IOC relocation plan

Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike says she is surprised by the International Olympic Committee's proposal to move the marathon and race walking events for next year's Olympics to Sapporo in Hokkaido.

The IOC announced the plan on Wednesday, citing the cooler summer weather in the northern city.

Ioc Marathon Relocation Plan Shocks Tokyo

IOC marathon relocation plan shocks Tokyo

The IOC's announcement has disappointed and frustrated officials in Tokyo who have been making arrangements for the events.

A senior official of the Tokyo metropolitan government said the marathon and race walking events can entertain thousands of people without tickets as they can line the streets to cheer on the athletes.

Ioc: Joc Chief Takeda Has Stepped Down

IOC: JOC chief Takeda has stepped down

The International Olympic Committee says the president of the Japanese Olympic Committee, Tsunekazu Takeda, has stepped down as an IOC member.

IOC spokesperson Mark Adams said the IOC Executive Board recognized Takeda's resignation at a meeting held on Tuesday in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Joc Chief Takeda Steps Down From Ioc

JOC chief Takeda steps down from IOC

The International Olympic Committee says the chief of the Japanese Olympic Committee, Tsunekazu Takeda, has resigned as an IOC member.

Takeda is facing an investigation in France over alleged bribery in connection with Tokyo's bid to host the 2020 Games.

Ioc Stance Behind Takeda's Retirement

IOC stance behind Takeda's retirement

Pressure from the International Olympic Committee is believed to have been a factor in the Japanese Olympic Committee president's retirement.

On Tuesday, Tsunekazu Takeda said he will step down when his term expires in June. Takeda is under investigation by French authorities over corruption allegations in connection with Tokyo's successful bid for the 2020 Games.

Ioc Chief Mourns Death Of 'super' Olympic Fan

IOC chief mourns death of 'super' Olympic fan

The head of the International Olympic Committee has mourned the death of a Japanese "super" fan who had attended every Summer Games since 1964.

Thomas Bach posted a message in the IOC's official twitter account on Monday, along with a photo of Naotoshi Yamada attending the 2012 Games in London.

Ioc President Sends Message Of Support To Ikee

IOC president sends message of support to Ikee

The president of the International Olympic Committee has sent a message to Japanese swimming star Rikako Ikee saying "wishing you all the best for your recovery." Ikee was recently diagnosed with leukemia.

Thomas Bach on Wednesday tweeted from the official Olympic account, saying "Joining with all your millions of fans to send you all my best wishes. Now just concentrate on getting better."

Ioc Head Visits Fukushima

IOC head visits Fukushima

Exactly 20 months before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, the head of the International Olympic Committee has visited a planned venue in Fukushima Prefecture.

Fukushima was devastated by the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident.

Ioc Bach: Prep For 2020 Tokyo Games Going Well

IOC Bach: Prep for 2020 Tokyo games going well

International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach says preparations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games appear to be going well and that he hopes to visit disaster-hit Fukushima in northeastern Japan.

Bach gave an exclusive interview to NHK in Lausanne, Switzerland, 2 years ahead of the opening of the Tokyo Olympics on July 24th, 2020.

Delicacies From Disaster-hit Areas On The Menu For Tokyo Ioc Banquet

Delicacies from disaster-hit areas on the menu for Tokyo IOC banquet

The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games is teaming up with the Reconstruction Agency to bring delicacies from 2011 disaster-hit Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures to the table for its banquet with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Dec. 12.

It is said that many foreign travelers have strong concerns about the effects of the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant caused by the earthquake and tsunami disaster in March 2011, but the Tokyo committee plans to use its many opportunities to appeal to the IOC about the safety of Fukushima products and the charm of the Tohoku region's abundant foodstuffs. A spokesperson for the Fukushima Prefectural Government said, "We would like many people to try our products, and better understand the situation in the disaster-hit areas."