Major Update For Telegram For Ios & Android Released

Major Update For Telegram For iOS & Android Released

If you use Telegram as your main messenger app, you’ll be pleased to learn that the app has received a rather significant update that will bring about a ton of new features and improvements to it. This will be applicable to both the iOS and Android versions of the app, so neither platform will be left out.

According to the announcement on its website, Telegram revealed that they will be introducing Instant View 2.0, which is basically the company’s take on Facebook’s Instant Articles and Google’s AMP. Version 2.0 will bring support to right-to-left languages, related articles, image links, tables, and more.

Command & Conquer: Rivals Now Available On Ios And Android

Command & Conquer: Rivals Now Available On iOS And Android

Back in the day, Command & Conquer was one of the more popular RTS games available, although in recent times we haven’t really heard much about the franchise, at least until earlier this year when EA announced Command & Conquer: Rivals which would be a game released for mobile.

The game was set for a release on the 4th of December and if you’ve been thinking about getting your hands on the game, you’ll be pleased to learn that it is now available for both iOS and Android devices. The game will be free-to-play, but given the popularity of the free-to-play model, there will be in-app purchases/

Assassin's Creed Rebellion Now Live For Ios & Android

Assassin's Creed Rebellion Now Live For iOS & Android

If you’ve enjoyed Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed franchise and would not mind playing it on your phones, then you’ll be pleased to learn that Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is now available for download on both iOS and Android devices. The game was initially pegged for a release on the 21st of November, but it seems to have gone live a day earlier than expected.

According to Ubisoft’s description of the mobile game, “Taking the series back to 15th century Spain, at the height of the Inquisition, Rebellion lets players found their own Brotherhood by building a base and recruiting up to 40 characters. These Assassins include a mix of new faces and familiar ones, including Ezio, Aguilar, Maria, Shao Jun, Machiavelli, and Claudia Auditore; once recruited, they can be assembled in three-person squads and sent to infiltrate Templar strongholds in tactical missions.”

Cloudflare Launches Its Dns Service On Ios & Android

Cloudflare Launches Its DNS Service On iOS & Android

In some countries, certain websites are blocked for various reasons. However an easy way to bypass these restrictions would be to change your DNS, and Google’s DNS is one of the free options out there. Now earlier this year Cloudflare launched their own resolver that anyone can use for free, and now it looks like that DNS resolver has since been turned into an app.

Dubbed, the app doesn’t do anything different if you were to change your DNS manually. However given that changing your DNS isn’t exactly something that everyone knows how to do, the app simplifies the entire process by basically turning it into a toggle where you can choose to turn it on or off.

Old School Runescape Released For Ios And Android

Old School Runescape Released For iOS And Android

Old School Runescape is now available for mobile devices. The title has been released today for both iOS and Android. It’s a cross-platform title so users will be able to take their progress from PC to mobile and vice versa between their accounts. The title is one of the largest and most popular MMORPGs in the world.

Microsoft Cortana Gets A Redesigned App For Ios & Android

Microsoft Cortana Gets A Redesigned App For iOS & Android

iOS has Siri and Android has Google Assistant, so Microsoft’s Cortana’s existence on either platform does put it in a somewhat weird position, but it is there nonetheless or those who might prefer using Cortana for whatever reason. Now it looks like Microsoft is working on an update to the software that will give it a redesign.

Microsoft Confirms Sticky Notes Will Soon Be Coming To Ios & Android

Microsoft Confirms Sticky Notes Will Soon Be Coming To iOS & Android

A couple of months ago, a report suggested that one of Windows 10’s features, Sticky Notes, could eventually find its way to mobile. For those who are unfamiliar with the app, it’s basically Microsoft’s version of Notes on macOS and iOS, but the difference is that it acts like virtual sticky notes where you can paste it over your desktop for little reminders and memos.

Monster Hunter Stories Now Available On Ios & Android

Monster Hunter Stories Now Available On iOS & Android

Capcom seems to be on a roll releasing Monster Hunter games, such as Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Generations which was recently made available for the Nintendo Switch. Now if you’re looking to bring your monster hunting with you on the go, then you might be interested to learn that Capcom has since announced Monster Hunter Stories for mobile.

For those unfamiliar, the game was previously released on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2017. It has now been released for both iOS and Android devices so gamers who played the 3DS version can expect more or less the same thing, except with revamped controls designed for mobile devices and touchscreens.

How To Block Someone On Snapchat (android, Ios)

How To Block Someone on Snapchat (Android, iOS)

Snapchat, is a fun way of communicating with your friends online. Though, there are people on all of those platforms that for whatever reason could try to make your experience unpleasant. To stop that from happening, the solution is pretty obvious: block them.

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to block and unblock a user on Snapchat on both Android and iOS. It is fast, and we’ll show you how to unblock as well, just in case you change your mind.

Xbox Game Pass App Launched On Ios & Android

Xbox Game Pass App Launched On iOS & Android

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If you’re an Xbox gamer, it appears that during Gamescom 2018, Microsoft announced that the Xbox Game Pass will be getting an app of its own and will be launching on both iOS and Android. This app will allow Xbox gamers to browse the Game Pass library so that they can check out all the latest releases while on the go.

Microsoft Reveals Changes Coming To Office On Android & Ios

Microsoft Reveals Changes Coming To Office On Android & iOS

If you're someone who uses Microsoft Office on your mobile device a lot, such your smartphone or tablet, you'll be pleased to learn that Microsoft has recently announced some of the changes and new features that will headed to the iOS and Android version of the app some time later this month.

Now the iOS version doesn't seem to be set to receive a ton of updates and that the main changes only seem to be applicable to Outlook. According to Microsoft, Outlook for iOS will get features such as "Events at a glance" which lets users see past and upcoming group events. They will also be able to block external images which prevents senders from knowing whether or not you have opened their emails. This seems more like privacy-focused feature that some might appreciate.

Pokemon Quest Now Available On Ios And Android

Pokemon Quest Now Available On iOS And Android

This year is shaping up to be a great year for fans of the Pokemon franchise. This is because not only is Pokemon GO getting the much awaited trading feature, but there will be two new Pokemon titles coming to the Nintendo Switch later this year, while Pokemon Quest for the Switch is already available.

For those unfamiliar, Pokemon Quest was announced last month ahead of E3 2018 where players can build up a party of Pokemon, all of whom have been designed in cute cube-like shapes which some have since compared to Minecraft. However in addition to announcing it for the Switch, the game was also announced for iOS and Android in which it is now available for download.

Microsoft Edge Gets Built-in Ad Blocker On Ios And Android

Microsoft Edge Gets Built-In Ad Blocker On iOS And Android

Microsoft has added a new feature to its Edge browser for iOS and Android that’s going to appeal to those who don’t like seeing a lot of ads when they surf the internet. The company has revealed that it’s building Adblock Plus into its Edge browser which means that this popular ad-blocking extension will now be part and parcel of Edge for iOS and Android.

Microsoft has directly integrated Adblock Plus into Edge and it’s currently testing this integration with the beta version of Edge for Android. It’s also available for iOS users through the iOS test program. Microsoft will release the native ad-blocking experience to all users in the near future.

Brand New 'microsoft News' App Now Available On Ios & Android

Brand New 'Microsoft News' App Now Available On iOS & Android

These days we're starting to see more companies launch news platforms of their own. For example Google launched a revamped version recently, and with macOS Mojave, Apple has also extended its Apple News feature to the desktop. However it looks like Microsoft wants in on the news action as well.

Microsoft has recently announced the launch of a new app called Microsoft News. This is an app that will be available on both iOS and Android, and as the name suggests, this is an app that will deliver news to users. However as Microsoft points out, this isn't a brand new endeavor, but rather they are taking their experience and engine that powers and putting it into an app.