Sony: Ps2 Classic Bully Released For Ios And Android

Sony: PS2 Classic Bully Released For iOS And AndroidAllow Rockstar to take you on a trip down memory lane. The studio has released one of its classics originally created for the PlayStation 2 on mobile. Bully: Anniversary Edition for iOS and Android brings the PS2 classic Bully to mobile devices. Rockstar says that this port features the same content as the original game so those who played it on the console will be very much at home.

Sony To Bring At Least 5 Playstation Games Onto Ios & Android

Sony To Bring At Least 5 PlayStation Games Onto iOS & AndroidGamers looking for PlayStation games to play on the go will most likely have to resort to purchasing a PS Vita, but that will change in the future as Sony has announced that they have plans to bring at least five different PlayStation games onto mobile platforms like iOS and Android.

Super Mario Run Confirmed As An Ios Exclusive

Super Mario Run Confirmed As An iOS ExclusiveIt has been known for a while now that Nintendo is looking to create games exclusively for smartphones. The company chose one of its most lucrative properties for this purpose and paired it with one of the most widely used mobile platform. It has been confirmed today at Apple’s iPhone 7 event that a new Nintendo game titled Super Mario Run is going to be released exclusively for iOS later this year.

Nikon Snapbridge Now Available For Android, Ios To Follow This Summer

Nikon SnapBridge now available for Android, iOS to follow this summerNikon's SnapBridge app is now available for Android. First announced as a feature on the Nikon D500, SnapBridge allows photographers with a compatible Nikon digital camera to maintain a connection to a mobile device using Bluetooth low energy. SnapBridge for Android is available as of today in the Google Play Store, and the iOS version is expected later this summer.

Nikon And Apple Working On Ios App For Nikon Cameras

Nikon And Apple Working On iOS App For Nikon CamerasWhen it comes to apps released by camera manufacturers for smartphones, they tend to be pretty similar in the sense that they mostly act as a remote shutter. They also allow the photographer to transfer photos from the camera wirelessly onto their mobile devices for storage and editing.

Square Enix Unleashes Hitman: Sniper On Android & Ios

Square Enix Unleashes Hitman: Sniper on Android & iOSWell-known publisher and developer Square Enix announced back in June 2014 a new mobile game in the Hitman franchise, which will be available in Android and iOS (sorry Windows Phone users).
Dubbed Hitman: Sniper, the game made its debut one year later and is now available for download in Google Play Store and App Store. Although it doesn't come for free, it is well worth the money considering the previous title in the series, Hitman GO is a huge success.

Roland : Piano Designer App For Ios And Android

images/2014/09/rolandpianodesignergal.jpgFine tune the tone of your Roland piano
The reason that acoustic pianos sound so rich and complex is due to the various physical components interacting with each other. The strings, soundboard, iron frame and wooden cabinet all work together to create that beloved grand piano sound. And in the hands of a skilled piano technician, the tonal character of an acoustic piano can be adjusted further, to suit a performer’s individual taste or to suit a specific venue. This type of tuning can be expensive though, and the voicing adjustment deteriorates over time, and must be readjusted by a technician at regular intervals for top performance.